Which bank to take a mortgage?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
December 27, 2012
Which bank to take a mortgage?

Many people now want to have their own housing. Someone does not like his place of residence, someone does not like to rent an apartment and constantly hope that the owner will not need it all of a sudden. There may be many reasons, so in this article we will examine in detail: which bank to take a mortgage on, under what conditions it is better to do it, as well as what pitfalls exist and what to avoid.

Choosing housing

Despite the fact that the article on lending, choose housing - a priority action. After all, for his sake we are going to borrow not a small amount from the bank. Try to choose what suits you not only by the number of rooms and the size of the apartment itself, but also by price. This is very important, because you take a loan for a certain amount and you will probably have to pay a large enough amount each month.

Choosing a bank

Let's return to the main question of the article: in which bank to take a mortgage? Now almost every bank wants to get a client to itself and offers a variety of credit conditions.Let's see what is the difference between mortgage loans and ordinary loans. Everything is very simple. A mortgage loan has a small percentage of ready in the expectation that you have to pay the debt for many more years. That is, you take out a loan for 1 million rubles and at 10% per year for 4 years. As a result, at the end of the loan you will give the bank 400 thousand rubles for this service. You probably understand that these 10% will be charged each year and you will have to pay a lot.

If you think that a mortgage is not what you need and rely on the fact that you can pay a bank a loan in a year or two (usually you take a mortgage loan for 10 or even 20 years), then I advise you to arrange a regular credit. For example, in the bank of Moscow. This can be done at this link. In this case, you will save a lot.

Now let's look at mortgage offers of banks. As mentioned at the beginning of the article - there are a lot of them. Each bank tries to attract a client to itself by arranging all sorts of promotions, contests, or simply giving all sorts of gifts. There are special sites that help track the lucrative offers of banks. One of these services is provided by Yandex.You can get acquainted with it at this link. As soon as you open this page, you will be presented with a special field that you need to fill in taking into account all the requirements for the bank and your opportunities.

I hope with the help of the found articles you could decide in which bank to take a mortgage. Specialized services will help to simplify this process at times and significantly help you in solving this problem.

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