In Domodedovo revealed the numbers

This morning at the Domodedovo airport in the capital, journalists and bloggers were shown the construction of a new segment of the airport complex - T2, which is scheduled to open for the World Cup, and also sounded the amounts that were invested in the airport development project.
Construction was started in October 2015, and should be completed in March 2018, the amount of investment was previously called 27 billion rubles, but the figure has slightly changed ...

The total investment of Domodedovo Airport in the construction of a new passenger terminal T2 will amount to 32 billion rubles, including the cost of technological equipment. The source is the airport’s own funds. Currently, 15% of the funds have been spent, which is about 4 billion rubles.
DME T2 building2
27 billion rubles is the cost of monolithic work on the construction of the terminal, and another 5.3 billion rubles is the cost of the terminal, including all technical equipment. The new T2 terminal will be connected to the first terminal, thus creating a single complex.
DME T2 building3
After the opening of the new terminal, the total passenger traffic of the airport will almost double, the terminal will also be in demand after the championship.
DME T2 building4
The general construction contractor is the Turkish company Antyapi antteq. The contract with it was signed in August 2015, work began in October, so the Russian Federation’s sanctions against Turkey on this contract do not apply.
DME T2 building5
After commissioning the T2 terminal, Domodedovo Airport will be able to serve about 45 million passengers a year. For comparison, the passenger traffic of the airport in 2015 was slightly more than 30 million people.
DME T2 building6
Upon completion of the work, the area of ​​the airport complex will almost double, by 235,000 m2. Taking into account the implementation of the existing project to expand the terminal, the total terminal capacity will reach 500,000 m2.
DME T2 building7
In the new segment of the terminal there will also be 7 floors, two of which are underground. Provides for the separation of flows of passengers. Arrival and departure will be divided into two levels.
DME T2 building8
DME T2 building9
Project timeline
Start of construction: III quarter of 2015.
Deadline for the project: I quarter of 2018
Implementation period: 28 months.
DME T2 building10
DME T2 building11
Construction is in accordance with the approved schedule.Replaceable brigade builders work on the site around the clock.
DME T2 building12
The site employs more than 1.6 thousand people, 30 units of construction equipment and 7 tower cranes.
DME T2 building13
According to the plan, monolithic works will be completed in two months. Then the installation of engineering systems will begin, at this time more than 2.6 thousand people will be involved in the work.
DME T2 building14
DME T2 building15
Currently, 15% of the construction works have been completed. As of the end of May 2016, 4 billion rubles were spent. investment.
Total volume of own investments in construction projects of Moscow Domodedovo Airport since 1996 amounted to 31 billion rubles.
DME T2 building16
Another 19 billion rubles. The airport has invested in technical re-equipment, information technology and a number of other areas. Over the past 15 years, the Domodedovo passenger traffic has grown more than 10 times. Tax payments of the air port increased from 1.2 billion rubles. in 2006 to 7.7 billion rubles. in 2015
DME T2 building17
The capacity of the T2 segment according to the application for the construction project:
not less:
Departure of international airlines 2200 pass / hour
Arrival of international airlines 2600 pass / hour
DME T2 building18
The total capacity of the passenger terminal of the airport (T1 + T2) will be more than 45 million passengers per year.
The route network of the airport includes 186 destinations, 74 of which are unique to the Moscow air hub: you can only travel from Domodedovo.
DME T2 building19
DME T2 building20
Registration hall is the first thing that visitors pay attention to. Large-span (20-meter) load-bearing structures and 18-meter double-light space in the T2 check-in hall will ensure efficient circulation of passengers, which guarantees them the convenience of staying in this area of ​​the airport complex.
In the meantime, on the first floor in the area of ​​the departures zone as follows. It will be interesting in a couple of years to compare the photo with the rebuilt room.
DME T2 building22
In the new segment of the passenger terminal, about 100 check-in counters and more than 40 self-registration kiosks will be installed.
DME T2 building23
One of the features of the terminal will be the atrium: the round part of the gallery with a glass dome, along the perimeter of which business rooms, cafes, bars, restaurants and duty-free shops will be located. Three panoramic elevators will also be installed here.
DME T2 building24
Aircraft berths will be equipped with telescopes, including for servicing Airbus A380 superliners. There are 11 exits to the so-called "bridges" in the gallery of departure and arrival of the object under construction, leading to the teletrap and then directly to the aircraft.
DME T2 building25
Bridges are designed in two types - 9 one-level and 2 two-level. Such a scheme will allow to divide the arrival-departure flows and at the same time serve from 12 to 16 aircraft. The number of teletraps is 19, since several “bridges” are equipped with two and three teletraps for receiving aircraft of types E (B-777, B-747-400) and F (A380).
By 2017, it is planned to commission the first stage of a multi-level parking with a capacity of about 1,500 cars, located in close proximity to the second segment of the terminal. A pedestrian gallery will be organized between the parking lot and the new segment of the terminal, which will be held under the overpass.
DME T2 building27
The total number of parking spaces, taking into account the commissioning of 2 parking queues, will be about 3,500 parking spaces. Number of levels: 9 (6 ground and 3 underground). Investment amount: 2.3 billion rubles. After the implementation of this project, the total capacity of a wide network of private parking lots will be about 9,000 cars.
DME T2 building28
That's the beauty of today.

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