How to use foam?

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How to use foam?

Polyurethane foam is a polyurethane foam sealant used to seal joints and seams more than 3 centimeters wide. For small volumes, ordinary household foam is used, and for large volumes it is necessary to purchase a professional one. In any case, before starting work, it is necessary to figure out how to use assembly foam.

Using foam

  1. It is possible to use polyurethane foam indoors or outdoors at temperatures from +5 to + 30 degrees. If you are working at lower temperatures, then you need to purchase winter or all-season foam.
  2. In order to protect hands, you should work with mounting foam in gloves.
  3. Before starting work, inspect the place that needs to be filled with foam. If it is a very large gap, then it should be filled with foam, wood block or brick, and then pour the foam. If the cracks are machined when installing the door frame, then the special struts will be removed after the foam is completely dry.Polyurethane foam
  4. At the very beginning, shake the can with the mounting foam well to bring it to a homogeneous mass.
  5. After that, remove the cap and wind a tubing on it or screw the canister onto a special gun.
  6. Using a spray bottle, wet the surface before filling with foam. Spray filled with plain water.
  7. Next, fill the prepared hole with foam by 50 percent, as the foam increases several times during freezing. After that, you can again moisten the hole with water for faster hardening of the mounting foam.
  8. After 30 minutes, inspect the object, if there are places that are not sufficiently filled with foam, add foam, and remove excess. If during work you have soiled foreign objects with foam, remove it, and for information on how to scrape assembly foam, read the article “How to scrub assembly foam.”
  9. When filling the cracks in the street after the complete curing of the foam process with plaster or paint, as under ultraviolet rays, the foam loses its properties.
  10. Foam completely hardens in 8-10 hours.
  11. After finishing work with assembly foam, ventilate the room well.

It should be remembered that the mounting foam is not glued to silicone and polyethylene surfaces.

Using a gun

The gun for polyurethane foam will greatly simplify the work:

  1. We unscrew the cap from the cylinder and fasten it to the gun.
  2. Next, mix well the contents of the container for 30 seconds.Polyurethane foam
  3. After the gap is treated with water, we bring the tip of the pistol to it and press the trigger. It should be remembered that the amount of foam must be adjusted by pressing the trigger.
  4. The tip of the gun during operation must be in the mounting foam.
  5. If the cylinder is completely used up, it must be replaced with a new one.
  6. After work with the assembly foam is completed, it is necessary to clean the gun with a special tool and lubricate it with oil. It should be remembered that the gun does not wash with water, because under its influence the foam hardens and then it will be very difficult to wash the gun from the foam.

Precautions when working with a gun

  1. When the gun is turned off, foam may leak. In such a case, it is necessary to unscrew the can and remove all remaining foam from the gun.
  2. Empty cylinders should be immediately removed from the pistol, and the unfinished ones can be left.
  3. Working with a gun, you can not direct it to animals or people, because the assembly foam is a chemical agent, getting on the skin or eyes of a person, it can be harmful.
  4. Foam should be used only for its intended purpose.

If there are unclear moments, we recommend that you view the attached training video on how to use foam.

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