How to treat papillomas?

Papilloma is a benign tumor of the epidermis. It consists of the smallest nodules of dark brown and flesh-colored. There are such tumors due to ingestion of human papillomavirus infection. It is important to understand that papillomas do not disappear by themselves, it is important to recover from them. This can be done in different ways.

Modern methods of papilloma removal

It is possible to treat papilloma in humans in specialized clinics.

  1. Cryodestruction During this procedure, there is an extreme effect of low temperatures on the neoplasm. As a result, the papillomas freeze, and then their death occurs and they fall away in the form of a scab.
  2. Laser removal. Many people prefer to use this technique, during which cauterization of papillomas by laser occurs under local anesthesia. It is especially recommended to use this method when it is necessary to treat tumors on the face, neck or genitals.
  3. Radio wave exposure. In this case, papillomas are removed with the aid of a radiosurgical apparatus,which is responsible for generating a stream of radio waves. They provoke the cessation of nutrition of tumors and their cutting off.
  4. Electrocoagulation. This method is used infrequently. Here, when removing papillomas, electric current of different frequency and strength is used.
  5. Excision with a scalpel. This technique is used to remove genital and anal papillomas. Local anesthesia is required.

Chemical removal of papillomas

To cure the papilloma virus can be chemical drugs, but before you use them, you must always consult with your doctor. As a rule, drugs are used for therapy "Solkoderm" or "Solkovagin". They must be used strictly according to the instructions. Along with them, it is necessary to take immunostimulating drugs.

Treatment of papillomas folk remedies

You can also get rid of papillomas with the help of folk methods. There are several proven recipes.

Celandine juice

Celandine has an amazing ability to reduce tumors from the skin. It is necessary to take such a plant, cut off the stem and squeeze out the juice - it will be white.Then this juice should be plentifully lubricated with papillomas on the body, and then covered with plaster. Such a procedure should be carried out 1 time in 2 days until the neoplasms completely disappear.

Garlic Cream

Many use this method to get rid of papillomas. It is necessary to take a few cloves of garlic, peel and chop thoroughly. Then you need to add a small amount of cream. You should have a thick gruel. Apply it in a thick layer on the papillomas and fix with a plaster. After a few hours, wash the mush. It is required to apply it 2-3 times a day for several weeks.


Take green walnuts (when they are still soft) and chop them with a meat grinder. It is necessary to fill this mixture 2/3 liter jars. Then fill it with completely purified kerosene and leave for 3 weeks. Strain the resulting mood and store in a dark container in a cool place. They lubricate papillomas in the morning and evening for 15 days.

Potatoes, thuja and celandine

Take the green potato sprouts and place them tightly in a jar. Rinse fresh grass of celandine under running water and dry.Put it in a jar with potato sprouts, and leave the remaining space in it with young shoots of thuja. All this pour alcohol and leave for 10 days. Lubricate the resulting mixture papillomas several times a day.


Take the flowering dandelion heads and fill the glass container with them. Fill them with triple cologne and leave for 2 weeks. Lubricate the resulting mixture of papillomas need several times a day, until they completely disappear.

Kalanchoe leaves

Take fresh Kalanchoe leaves and wash thoroughly. Attach them to the tumors and fix with a bandage. To do this bandage is best for the night. It should be about 10 such procedures.

Grass collection

Take in equal parts the grass of wormwood, tricolor violets and plantain leaf. To them add two parts of Hypericum, dill seeds, calamus root and clover. Fill the resulting collection with boiling water and leave for 12 hours. Then strain it and take daily 30 ml for half an hour before meals.

Onion Husk

Take a three-liter jar and put onion peel into it. Then pour it with vinegar, cover with a thick cloth and leave for 2 weeks in a dark place.Remove the husks, dry them and apply to the papillomas at night. It is important after its removal to lubricate neoplasms with petroleum jelly.

Prevention of papillomas

Remember that it is better not to treat, but to avoid the appearance of papillomas. To do this, observe the following:

  • Do not use other people's shaving machines, towels and other bath accessories.
  • Do not hold your hands in cold water for a long time.
  • Do not wear other people's chains, rings and earrings.
  • In the heat, wipe the skin with antibacterial wipes.

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