How to trade on the stock exchange. Part 2

In the last post about the exchange, we talked about how it is arranged and what it is. Today we will try to trade on the stock exchange, let's see how it actually looks.

I registered on the site, opened a demo account, uploaded my avatar (who knows the character of the cartoon?) And began to study the stock market. If you paid attention to the title collage of the post, it says that Tradernet is a serious social network. What does it mean? Here on the site, you can not only trade, but also communicate, see how and what other traders trade, and even see how much richer they have become during the whole time they play on the stock exchange through the site.
Plus, on the site you can earn points that you can pay a commission for using the services of a broker. To do this, you need to be active on the site - to trade, communicate, get likes to your posts.

My initial portfolio is empty, the shares that I will buy on the exchange will be displayed here.

Through Tradernet, you can trade stocks that are quoted not only on the Russian MICEX exchange, but also on the stock exchanges of America, Europe and Ukraine. By the way, I found out interesting information about stock indexes.Probably you often heard in the news such phrase "Dow Jones index fell", what does this mean? Dow Jones is the oldest among the existing US market indices. It was created to track the development of the industrial component of US stock markets.
The index covers the 30 largest companies in America and was originally calculated as the arithmetic average of stock prices of covered companies. Now, a scalable average is used for the calculation - the sum of prices is divided by the divisor, which changes whenever the stocks included in the index are crushed (split) or combined (consolidated). This allows you to maintain the comparability of the index, taking into account changes in the internal structure of its constituent shares.
The list of companies covered by the Dow Jones index is revised with the development of the situation on the stock market. This list is compiled by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. Some companies drop out of the list, while others add to it, depending on how large it is.

The same is true with the MICEX index, but the list influencing its fluctuations includes the 50 largest Russian companies.
Trades on foreign exchanges usually end at 17 o'clock, but on the Moscow Exchange go until 18:40, and then on the derivatives market continue until midnight. If you operate with a live account and trade on several exchanges at once, then you should pay attention to the time difference between Moscow and New York (we take into account only these two popular platforms for the time being) in order to close the trading in shares in time.

Shares of hundreds of different companies are traded on the stock exchange, but not all of them are equally popular among traders. Interest in a stock is affected by its liquidity, which determines the amount of trading costs on buying and selling.

If you are going to trade actively, you will have to limit yourself to a list of more or less liquid stocks. And the more actively planned trade, the stronger the requirements for liquidity. For intraday trading, for example, you will most likely have to limit yourself to a few of the most liquid stocks - blue chips. Blue, they were called by analogy with casino chips, in which the chips with the largest denomination of blue, I confirm this as a person who worked in a casino for several years.
Blue chips are the most liquid shares of the stock market, with the maximum turnover of trades.The second tier is called less liquid stocks, the third tier - stocks with very low turnover. The division is rather conditional, there are no clear criteria. At the moment, the following shares are usually written in blue chips: VTB, Gazprom, Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, Rostelecom, Norilsk Nickel, Sberbank, Tatneft, etc. From this list we will try to choose the most attractive companies.

At the same time we will take an interest in the American companies.

At the initial stage, I decided to invest in Russian companies. I have a whole million on a demo account, because you can afford some liberties. It is worth considering that companies have different stock prices. The cheapest stocks on the stock exchange cost no more than a hundred rubles, but you can only buy them in lots, 10 or more each. VTB - a lot of 10,000 shares - about 750 rubles. Lukoil - a lot of 1 share - 2500. Gazprom - a lot of 10 shares - 1,500 rubles.
I chose for the experiment the most growing shares at that moment. Not all of them were successful, but for half a million rubles invested in them, they brought me 3.5 thousand rubles in a few hours. This instilled hope in me and I decided that the shares would continue to grow, distracted by other matters, which was not worth doing.

A few hours later I found that the shares of one of the companies still go down. Having decided that after a while they would go up, I invested in them again, in the hope that they would soon go up and that would give me a profit. At the same time I decided to buy American shares - I bought some Apple, Tesla and some pharmaceutical company, whose shares went uphill. Leaving this matter to chance, I decided to see what happened tomorrow with stocks, but half of them stopped growing and their value fell, and I went into negative.
In the future, in the absence of any activity on my part, the actions did not behave as I imagined it. When trading on the stock exchange, it should be noted that experience and skill will not come immediately, and a demo account with a million will not give you a sense of reality when buying / selling stocks.

A week after trading on a demo account, I opened an account for my money, which I will try to trade. Since I currently have the "All Inclusive" rate, the monthly fee is charged from my account - 600 p. Such a tariff makes it possible to trade on a daily basis, with the commission of the brokerage office in this case already included in this monthly fee.

The site has an account of the Silver Serfer office itself, which from time to time buys shares.You can subscribe to it or to any other in order to follow the trends or copy this or that deal that seems attractive.

When buying stocks, you can insure against the fall of its price, putting a minimum at which the shares go to the market. You can also fix a profit - the price at which you want to sell it. In case of its achievement, the shares will also go to the market, that is, they will automatically sell.

As a result of the auction, I managed to “beat off” the fee for the month and get a small plus.

Pay attention to this screenshot. I bought shares "with leverage" - as if in debt from a broker, borrowing more than 40 thousand. Common for trading on the stock exchange practice. In my portfolio so far only Russian companies, later I will try to buy foreign assets.

To be continued.
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