How to tie tomatoes?

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How to tie tomatoes?

Tomatoes - one of the most demanding and capriciousgarden crops. Get a good harvest of tomatoes in the Russian climate (except, of course, the southern regions) - it's very difficult. Experienced gardener uses a lot of tricks in growing tomatoes - these are special fertilizers, and special rules for landing in the ground, and the organization of watering on a strictly defined schedule and, of course, the garter.

Let's figure out how to tie tomatoes properly and why do it at all.

Do I need to tie tomatoes?

On this issue truck farmers have not yet found a singlethe answer is, at least in the case of tall and abundantly fertile varieties. Some believe that the garter makes life easier for the plant, while others believe that nature itself knows how to develop better. However, the latter do not take into account that the very fact of growing tomatoes in most regions of Russia is an artificial process in principle, and therefore reasoning about the fact that "nature is more visible" is not too correct.

Garter tomatoes, in fact, not onlyfacilitates the life of the plant, as we mentioned above, but also increases the likelihood of preserving the fruit. When fruits lie on the ground, they are more susceptible to attacks of slugs and other pests.

In addition, tied tomatoes are easier to exposethe procedure of pasynkovaniya. During growth in the bush of tomato, there are processes on which ovaries are also formed, although they do not have time to ripen, and the forces of the main plant are taken away decently. The procedure for breaking off these processes is called pasynkovanie.

Another argument in favor of tying tomatoes- possibility to organize watering more correctly. Tomatoes like, when they are watered directly under the root, the moisture on the ovary and leaves is undesirable. Of course, when the bushes are not tied up, it's simply impossible to water the plant under the root.

Than to tie?

For tying tomatoes will be requiredmetal thin bars or wooden stakes, as well as "dressings." As a last, practical housewives often use old nylon stockings or pantyhose, and, in fact, this is one of the best options for garter.

Wire, line, thin string and other rigid materials are not suitable, because they can damage the stem of the plant.

You can, of course, use a soft cloth,cut by strips of 3-4 centimeters, but the material of capron is more reliable in terms of resistance to moisture, and you can use it for more than one season. In addition, the fabric strips need to be pre-cut, but the pantyhose is ready for use.

However, it should be noted that if youplan to use pantyhose for more than one season, before reusing them, you need to hold them for a short time in water with soap to destroy bacteria that can cause diseases that affect tomatoes.

Those who cultivate tomatoes inlarge volumes, we recommend you to buy a special garter tool for gardeners and gardeners, which, by the way, is very popular among growing grapes. When you press a special button from the instrument, the ribbon leaves and wraps the plant in the correct way. This tool is inexpensive, but it significantly facilitates the work of gardener.

How to tie?

Immediately say, it does not matter where growtomatoes - in the ground or greenhouse, the mechanism of the garter is the same. You drive a peg near the bush, gently wrap the dressing around the bush and make a weak but reliable knot. And, in general, it's done!

Recently, however, is gaining popularitymore complicated method of gartering with the help of so-called tapestries. In this case, along the bed, a row of high stakes is driven in and between them several lines of rope are stretched, which holds the tension well. On these very ropes and a garter is carried out. This method, say truck farmers, allow individual bushes to "breathe" more freely and bear fruit in large quantities.

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