How to teach a child to read?

Teaching a child to read is both difficult and easy at the same time. Everything depends on the parents, the child, and most importantly, on the desire of both parties to achieve results. Nowadays, a child is unlikely to be taken to school if he cannot read syllables, so if a child has not attended kindergarten, the difficult task of reading is left to his parents. How to teach a child to read? What methods to choose? And if you fail? Let's try to answer these and other frequently asked questions.

how to teach a child to readWhat does reading mean?

There is an erroneous opinion that if a child knows the letters, it means that he can read. Is it so? Not really. In the process of learning, it is important to learn not only to sound individual letters, but also to convey the rules for the compilation of syllables and their correct reading. It is necessary to make the child perceive the letters as part of the word. In other words, the essence is to teach intelligently absorb the text, consisting of words, which consist of letters, and, most importantly, to understand it.

When to start?

One of the questions that worries parents very much concerns the age when a child should already be able to read.The mother of a 4-year-old child may become agitated after hearing the neighbour's enthusiastic stories about her son reading poems at two and a half years. How to teach a child to read in two years, you ask? In fact, the rule “the sooner the better” when learning to read can harm. According to the opinion of the neuropathologists, if the parents want to teach the child to read as early as possible, they, without knowing it, do worse. The fact is that if the brain of a child is not yet ready to read, forceful training can cause various psychological problems.

teach a child to readIs the child ready to read?

A child is ready to read if:

1. His speech is fully formed (he speaks with sentences and can make one coherent story of them).

2. The phonemic hearing of a child is well developed (he can recognize sound in different parts of a word).

3. The baby has no problems with speech therapy.

4. Spatial orientation is developed enough (does not confuse similar concepts).

Where to begin?

Where to start: with letters or sounds? Someone thinks that with letters, someone prefers to teach sounds first. Best of all, experts believe, to develop other skills - movement, active pastime, good orientation in space.Before teaching a child to read words and understand which letter “A” and which letter “B”, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of speech, phonemic hearing, spatial orientation. Dance with him more, sing, learn songs and poems. The more words the child knows by the time they start learning to read, the better. With all this, you should not think about how to teach a child to read quickly. Over time, the reading speed will increase on its own.

how to teach a child to read quicklySuch different techniques ...

How to teach a child to read, what method to prefer? There is a choice. You can learn to read in whole words (method of Glenn Doman, or global reading), syllables (method of Nikolai Zaitsev), addition of letters. One of the most popular methods is sound letter learning, when a child perceives sounds and immediately learns to relate them to letters. The sound-letter method has several advantages compared to the other methods listed above: it allows the child to analyze, understand the text and read complex words. Training is conducted on the principle “from simple to complex”, which takes the first place in pedagogy.


The choice of method depends on both the parents and the child.Learn the features of the development of the baby and decide which method will be most suitable for him. It is important to interest the child: tell him how you learned to read, explain why it is important to master reading, what will happen when he learns to do it. Read a lot to the child, especially out loud. We must not forget that at an early age people perceive the world around them through movement. Come up with something interesting, use your senses, teach reading in the form of a game. If you make every effort and take the matter seriously, you are sure to achieve positive results and breathe a sigh of relief when the question of how to teach a child to read will be a thing of the past.

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