How to stop the production of breast milk? Lactation discontinuation: medical advice

cessation of lactation

Breast milk is the best nutrition for a small child. However, the time will inevitably come when it will be necessary to wean the baby from him. This is mainly done because the child is already quite adult. Also, cessation of lactation may occur earlier, at the initiative of the mother.

General information

It is known that even after weaning a baby from the breast, milk continues to create certain problems for a woman. This is due to the fact that it does not cease to be produced in the body. Cessation of lactation is a decision that is made only by the mother of the child. Here you need to be guided by your own feelings and thoughts. Also pay attention to the well-being of the child.

Special features

After the cessation of feeding milk for a sufficiently long period continues to be produced in the body.This causes some inconvenience. Therefore, many mothers are concerned about how to stop the production of breast milk. It is noted that this does not happen quickly. The process of stay of milk for a long time does not stop. In particular, this is noted by those women who continue to breastfeed occasionally. In the case of complete weaning, the amount of milk will gradually decrease.

Health care

how to stop lactation correctly

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the breast will rapidly increase due to the rush of milk. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of her. First of all, it is recommended to get a quality cotton bra. Stone in it should not be. It is worth noting that stretched skin becomes sensitive. For this reason, various lace bras with bones can cause discomfort. It should be ensured that the bra is suitable in size. A cotton bra should be worn until the milk is completely gone, after which the breast will be significantly reduced. You can drag the bust with an elastic bandage. However, it should be noted that while this pain becomes very pronounced.

Excommunication options

There are only two ways to stop lactation: slow and fast. In the first case, the child should be weaned gradually. You can also express a small amount of milk in the event that there are strong pain. With the fast method, feeding stops immediately. In this case, the milk is not decanted. Slow weaning is characterized by the fact that the process is delayed for a long time. However, it is less painful. It is recommended to resort to this method only if the mother has sufficient time for this. Lactation reduction will begin in only a few days. The tides will gradually end. It will take at least a week. A quick weaning method is quite painful. It is recommended to apply if there is an urgent need to abandon breastfeeding. The first difficulties will arise the very next day. They are connected with the fact that there will be significantly more milk.

Ease the process

How to stop lactation correctly? Both methods of weaning involve the observance of a particular diet.Mother needs to refuse liquid and hot food. Juices, teas, soups should be excluded from the diet.

It is also recommended to reduce water intake. It is necessary to eat less. If possible, go on a diet. Drink a sufficient amount of fluid is possible only when the bust returns to its original shape. At the same time it should be soft. Make sure that there are no seals. It is recommended to keep a loose diet for several months. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of foods and drinks that can resume lactation, for example, beer. If the milk comes back, you have to start the whole process again.

General rules

There are several simple guidelines for stopping lactation correctly.

  1. Doctors recommend avoiding nipple stimulation. This may cause milk production.
  2. It is recommended to give preference to spacious clothing. Thus, traces of milk will be less noticeable. You can also use special pads for the bust. They are designed specifically for nursing women. Such pads absorb milk very well.
  3. Receiving a warm shower can cause stimulation.However, it is able to reduce discomfort and pressure in the chest. It is recommended to avoid direct stimulation of the nipples with water whenever possible.
  4. Experts advise also to abandon the use of a breast pump. In this case, it can have the opposite effect. Breast pump, according to physicians, it is recommended to use only to reduce pain during swelling of the breast. This will help get rid of strong discomfort.
  5. Hormones take an active part in stopping lactation. Special discomfort gives the feeling of "pulling" the milk out of the breast. This painful period can provoke a nervous breakdown in a young mother. In this case, it is recommended to take sedative drops and herbs. Every family member needs to be patient. Mothers need to be calmer and take care of the baby. Dad should also be fully aware that the spouse is in a difficult situation. In this case, you need to show more care and attention.

how to stop lactation

Medication use

Since to stop the production of breast milk in most cases is not immediately, many mothers experience some discomfort.In this regard, they are forced to consult a doctor. Women complain not only about discomfort, but in some cases pain. Many ladies are interested in how to stop lactation pills. Experts try to avoid prescribing medications. This is due to the fact that mainly drugs that stop lactation, hormonal. The course of admission lasts no more than two weeks. These drugs affect the brain. Due to this, the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is in a state of "lethargy." It should be noted that almost all lactation pills have many side effects. Their use is prescribed only in some cases, since it is possible to stop the production of breast milk without the use of medicines. Treatment must be carried out under medical supervision. In extremely extreme cases, estrogen injections are prescribed. Previously, they were used quite widely. However, at present these injections have lost their former popularity. It was found that the composition of the injections include various carcinogens. Since, as a rule, it is not possible to quickly stop the production of breast milk, medication intake is very conducive to this. However, this option is not always advisable.Some experts recommend the drug "Parlodel". However, this drug has many side effects. It increases the likelihood of heart attack, hypertension and to stop the production of breast milk

How to stop lactation folk remedies?

Medicinal herbs it is desirable to take all women who have decided to wean the child from natural feeding. Many say that they help much better than various pills and other means. The principle of action of medicinal herbs is quite simple: they have a diuretic effect. Starting their use is recommended from the first day of weaning. Since it is impossible to stop lactation immediately in most cases, it is recommended to take infusions and decoctions for at least a week. During this period, it is very important to get rid of excess fluid that may accumulate in the body. In this case, the following herbs are well-suited: deviasil, parsley, horsetail, basil, lingonberry.

Sage to stop lactation

It is recommended to use it as a tea. Reception course - no more than three days. There is an opinion that such a short period is sufficient for the final disappearance of milk. It is also worth noting that this herb has a positive effect on women's health.The plant contains estrogen of natural origin. It is believed that it contributes to the cessation of lactation. As a rule, the herb is sold in two forms: tinctures and tea. Currently both variations are available. Tea with the addition of sage can be purchased at the store, which sells natural products. Addition of honey and milk is acceptable. Sage tincture can also be purchased at the store. It is recommended to buy a product that will be mixed with a small amount of alcohol. This tincture is more effective than tea. It contributes to the very rapid cessation of to stop lactation pills


The use of cold compresses is recommended. Cabbage leaves are well suited for application. They contribute to the cessation of the formation of milk. It should be noted that they should be cold. They contain a special component that helps reduce the activity of the glands. It is necessary to apply cabbage leaves to the entire breast. You should remove them after they fade.


Only elevated parts of this plant are required. They are poured with one glass of vodka. The medication must be infused for at least seven days.Next, it is necessary to filter. The recommended dose - 5 drops immediately before a meal.


It takes a few tablespoons (2-3) of raw materials. It should be chopped mint. After that, it is necessary to pour 2 cups of boiled water. The medicine is infused for at least one hour. Next, the broth must be filtered. It is recommended to take it up to three times a day. Infusion should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.


In this case it is assumed the use of compresses. Reducing milk production will contribute to the lubrication of the mammary glands camphor. It is recommended to do this at intervals of 4 hours. From above it is necessary to cover the chest with a warm scarf. You can easily dress her up. In case of severe discomfort, you need to take the medicine Paracetamol.

Vitamin B6

It is believed that it reduces the production of prolactin, which contributes to milk production. However, at this time research in this area has not yet been conducted. So there is no reliable evidence of this yet.lactation reduction


Since it is possible to stop the production of breast milk quickly with the help of medicines, their use is currently very popular. Experts express rather contradictory opinions on this issue.It should be understood that the problem of stopping lactation is solved only individually. Therefore, the choice of the drug should be the same. Drugs that block milk production affect the brain as well as the endocrine system. It is for this reason that many side effects can occur due to their intake. In this case, it is advisable to consult with qualified professionals. Only a doctor can prescribe a suitable treatment and set the required dosage.

Medicine "Bromkamphor"

It is a sedative non-hormonal drug. It contains bromine. Experts do not recommend its use if a woman has liver or kidney failure. You should also pay attention to the increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. Many experts note that the instruction does not indicate anything about the cessation of milk production. However, this medicine is often taken by young mothers for such purposes. As medical practice shows, when taking a remedy, a change in the mammary glands occurs rather slowly.Thus, side effects are rare. Taking this drug is only advisable if you do not need a quick cessation of lactation.

Medicine "Bromocriptine"

This drug has many variations. Following are some of them.

  1. "Bromocriptine Poly".
  2. "Serocriptine".
  3. "Bromocriptine-Richter".
  4. "Abergin".
  5. "Apo-Bromocriptine".
  6. "Parlodel".

This drug contributes to the suppression of lactation and normalization of the menstrual cycle. It can have side effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness.

Blood pressure should be monitored while taking this drug. It can not be used in certain cardiovascular diseases. In order to achieve the desired results, a long course is to stop making breast milk

Medication "Dostinex"

The medicine is a very powerful tool. According to the instructions, this drug has an effect on the hypothalamus. It also helps stimulate the production of substances that are responsible for the formation of prolactin. According to doctors, it is advisable to apply this tool if there is a need for a rapid cessation of breastfeeding. The reception course is not very long.

General recommendations of experts on the use of drugs

It is necessary to use drugs only in extreme cases. Sometimes this can not be avoided. In this case, doctors recommend to take into account certain nuances. For example, pills that are based on estrogen, very often provoke nausea, headache and vomiting. They can not be used for violations of the menstrual cycle, malfunction of the kidneys, liver.

Doctors recommend the use of drugs, which are based on the gestagen. It does not have strong side effects. From this point of view, it is more secure. Do not make an independent selection of drugs. It is recommended to undergo a consultation with a pediatrician, mammologist, gynecologist.

It is necessary to strictly observe the dosage prescribed by a specialist. It should be noted that the use of such drugs badly affects the general well-being of women. It is recommended to prepare for this in advance. If there are severe side effects, you should consult a doctor. In the process of refusing to breastfeed, experts recommend periodically expressing the accumulated milk. This will prevent the occurrence of its stagnation and other related problems.Do not wean a child from the breast if:

  • The baby is sick or is feeling unwell.
  • There is a period of active teething.

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