How to sew a cap?

It is absolutely not difficult to make a cook cap on your own. This will be possible even for those who are not very good at handling threads and needles.

This element of the wardrobe will not only be a fun addition to the process of cooking, but will also bring practical benefits - protect food from getting hair! So, how can you easily sew a cap?

Tools and materials

In order to sew a cap for the cook, you will need:

  • The cloth;
  • Flizelin;
  • Threads to tone the material;
  • Needles or sewing machine;
  • Centimeter and ruler;
  • Scissors;
  • Eraser (you can do without it);
  • Elements for the decoration of the cap (you can do without them);
  • Pencil.

Previously you will need to make measurements: determine the circumference of the head and calculate the radius of the head circumference.

  • capIn the first case, you will just need to make a measurement on the line of the head, on which the future cap will hold, and add 1 cm to the received figure (at the seams). If you sew in the headdress cuff gum, the diameter can be slightly reduced, so that the product does not move down from the forehead.
  • In the second case, you need to calculate the radius of the head circumference using the formula r = GO / 2π, where r is the radius of the head circumference, GG is the girth of the head, and π = 3.14. In order for the upper part of the cap to turn out beautiful, volumetric, the radius of the circle, from which we will sew it, must be twice the radius of the head circumference. Also, do not forget to add 1 cm to the seams.

Sewing process

First make all the necessary patterns. Since we will need to sew a cap from two parts, we will cut out the components from the fabric. This will be a double rectangular strip of fabric - cuff. Its length should be equal to the girth of the head, and the width can be arbitrary depending on how you want the cap to sit - for example, 5 or 10 cm. It is better to lay a strip of fabric inside with flizelin - so it will be smoother and denser, it will be easier sew on top of her headgear.

The second part is a circle (with respect to its size, we have already decided in the previous paragraph). It also needs to be sealed with interlining.

  1. Make a pattern of the cuff of the main fabric (should be 2 layers) and non-woven fabric (1 layer). Sew a non-woven strip to the front of the cuff, bending 1 cm of the edge.
  2. The cuff can be made either solid, simply stitch the ends, or connect them with elastic.
  3. Open the circle from the main fabric and non-woven fabric and sew both materials together, in a similar way, 1 cm from the edge and bending it.
  4. How to sew a cap?The edge of the circle is better to handle scraps zig-zag - then it will be more accurate. Then stitch the edge on a typewriter (or sew by hand), making wide stitches. Evenly distributing the fabric, manually straighten the assembly (check the diameter of this part of the cap with the diameter of the cuff).
  5. Turn the cuff and top of the cap inside out and then sew them together. Pojjv carefully turn the product on the front side. Straighten all the folds.

If you are going to decorate the product with appliqué, then before you sew a chef's cap of two elements, at the stage of sealing the cuff and the top with flizelin you will need to sew the necessary decoration details. Later to do it nicely and smoothly will be somewhat more difficult. If you want to decorate a headdress with rhinestones, sequins, buttons, etc., then this can be done already with the finished product.

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