How to set up the radio?

Veronika Bychkova
Veronika Bychkova
October 1, 2014
How to set up the radio?

Tuning the radio is often not only to listen to good music on the wave of well-known radio stations. It is also a great opportunity to keep abreast of all the latest events in the country and abroad, to find out the weather forecast, information about traffic jams, etc. The most important information is often received by radio. From our article you can learn how to set up a radio.

Antenna installation

Let's start with the installation of an intra saloon antenna. To do this, rinse the front glass well and warm the car. Only then can the adhesive tape fix the antenna well. On cold glass, it can deform. After warming up the windshield must be degreased. This can be done with wet wipes for cars soaked in alcohol solution.

Glue the round base of the antenna in the upper right corner of the glass, and place the wires on the left side below. You can run them along the rack, then attaching it to the main harness. The wire with the plug must be inserted into the connector of the radio, and the other wire connected to the power supply.

Tuning radio on the radio

  1. Using the remote control, start the automatic tuning of all radio stations.
  2. When finding the frequency of the radio point, its data will automatically be stored in the memory of the radio receiver.
  3. Now you need to give the numbers to the channels you like and "tie" them to specific buttons (to do this, when selecting a channel, click on the ordinal number and hold for a few seconds).

All your favorite channels will thus remain in the memory of the radio. You can then only tune in to the desired radio station by clicking on a specific number. All settings are desirable to make when the car is parked. Do not be distracted by this activity while driving!

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