How to satisfy a man?

How to make your man feel close and dear to you? This question worries, probably, any woman. Next to happy and happy and you yourself will become so. And how to do it? Yes, very simple! A man just has to be satisfied with your relationship. I must feel that he is loved, they are valued, they do not want to lose him. How to satisfy a man? Let's look at different aspects of the guarantee of his satisfaction: food, sex, attitude, understanding, trust.


A well-fed man is a contented man. And fed tasty - also grateful. So, if you want to satisfy your man, then learn to cook tasty and satisfying. Because food is one of the main components of male happiness.

Ideally, you should generally be able to boil “porridge from an ax”. Therefore, it is important not only to be able to cook delicious dishes, but also to be prepared to create a culinary masterpiece in haste and practically from nothing.

Most of the men from any of the proposed dishes will choose meat.No sausage, no purchased dumplings or meatballs made from semi-finished products. A good piece of toasted or baked meat, manti, homemade burgers, crumbly pilaf - having tasted these foods, a man will surely be pleased. Do not forget about hot. All kinds of soups, pickles, borscht and hodgepodge will significantly shorten the path to the heart of your man, who, as you know, lies through the stomach. Fresh pastries and homemade bread will also add a bonus to the treasury of your relationship.

But most importantly - delicious food should always be. If you are not a woman, but simply a self-care cloth, then be sure that you have taken the first step towards satisfying your man.


If it is exaggerated to describe the attitude of men towards sex, then we can say that they want always and everywhere. Are you ready for such a question? Then part of the answer to the question of how to satisfy a man, you found.

First, a man should not be denied without a valid reason. It offends him and develops a sense of inferiority in him. Secondly, in no case can a man be punished by putting him on a hungry sexual ration.As they say, quarrel is a quarrel, and sex is on schedule. And, thirdly, you need to learn to remain always desirable for him.

What does it mean? This means that it is necessary to share the views of men on intimate relationships. Do not forget that men love to experiment and update in the sexual life. So, try to diversify this life. Be creative in bed, forget about the taboo on oral sex, remember the Kama Sutra. Get erotic lingerie and a pair of seductive stockings.

Have secret desires? Try to find out about them. Ask him about sexual fantasies and erotic dreams. And, of course, do not forget about your own appearance and health. Men love and want beautiful women. And a beautiful woman is a well-groomed woman, regardless of age, weight and build.


Your attitude towards a man should be appropriate. As popular wisdom says, the husband is the head, and the wife is the neck. And it does not matter which of you earns more, who makes responsible decisions and generally is the leader in the pair. A man should feel important. And a wise woman will do everything to ensure that a man does not leave this feeling.

Never openly make fun of your man. Do not make him comments to outsiders. Praise him more often (even if not for what!). After all, you want a man to feel happy and loved?


The psychology of men and women is so different that it is very difficult for them to learn how to understand each other. And yet it is possible. Your man will be immensely happy and infinitely grateful to you if you learn to understand him.

Yes, he doesn't always succeed at work or at home. Yes, he is in a bad mood. Yes, he may be tired or not very well. Yes, he wants to spend time with friends sometimes. Yes, he does not want to go shopping with you. Yes, he looks at other girls! Learn to truly understand and accept purely male needs. After all, you want to see a man next to you? So why not forgive him for his manly weaknesses?

Understand that he sometimes wants to be alone, tinker with a car (motorcycle) or sit at a computer. Understand that he is not interested in discussing your new outfits. Understand that it is more interesting for him to watch football, and not a soap opera. Understand that he does not specifically forget the date of your acquaintance.He's just a man. And he has his own view of the world and your relationship.


Trust is the key to long-term and harmonious relations. And we are talking about mutual trust. If you want your man to feel happy and loved, learn to trust him and make him trust you.

In a love relationship, what becomes the clearest sign of distrust? Jealousy! Even if you are jealous by nature, do not exhaust your partner with suspicion. Learn to be jealous silently and unnoticed. Better yet, learn not to be jealous!

The same applies to jealousy on his part. Do not give a reason for it. If, nevertheless, he is jealous, then try to convince him (in word and deed) that he is one and only, that there is simply no one better than him in the whole world.

But trust is not only a lack of jealousy and suspicion. Trust is the desire to share something sore, to find support in the person of the partner. This desire to talk about their failures and boast achievements without fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed. Trust is a relationship to a partner as to yourself.

So trust your man, learn to understand him.Treat him with respect and attention. Delicious feed and do not give up the pleasures of the flesh. And then the question of how to satisfy a man, you will not have.

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Dear ladies, do not forget about yourself! If you completely "dissolve" in your man, then your blind love and obsessive desire to satisfy the object of your passion by any means will have the opposite effect. A man simply ceases to appreciate you, taking everything for granted.

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