How to Russify "Android": instruction

Now we'll figure out how to Russify "Android", because it's not always convenient to use a device that does not have a Russian version of the operating system for some reason.

Check to see if there is a Russian language by default

how to russify androidGo to Menu, select Settings, then Language & Keyboard. Click the top item under the name Language, and then select "Russian (Russia)" from the list of languages ​​that appeared.

In the event that there is no Russian in this listlanguage, you need to fully russify your tablet or phone on Android. More on how to russify "Android", we'll talk further.

The Russification Process

Under full Russification we mean the presence of the Russian keyboard and the Russian interface of the Android system. It's a little easier to change the keyboard, and this will also be mentioned.

Let's start with the question of how to Russify"Android 4.1.X" and earlier versions. To this end, you can use the MoreLocale 2. You can easily find this application in the Play Market. Download and run the specified program. Before you there will be a special dialog box in which it is necessary to click on the green inscription Custom Lacale.

After that, another window will appear. In it, first press the ISO button, which is located opposite the Language section, and then select Russian. Next, in front of the Country section, you need to do the same and select Russian Federation from the list. Confirm your choice by pressing the Set button. Done. Before us Russian "Android" (tablet or smartphone).

Russification Android 4.2 and newer versions

Russian androidSince in the Jelly Bean operating system("Android 4.2") and later versions of this OS implemented the protection of configuration changes, a simple installation of programs here is indispensable. It will take a little work with a special console application called ADB, which is installed on a personal computer and helps debug the tablets and communicators.

russified android 4 3Among other things, this method is suitable, in order to Russify "Android 4 3". First, install a program called MoreLocale 2 on the device. It has already been told how to find it.

After that, install the program on your computer.ADB, which can be downloaded from the Internet. In addition, you need to install drivers for your own mobile device. They are best found on the official website of the developer. ADB needs to be decompressed to the main disk after loading, for example C. When installing the drivers, everything is simpler: there all the parameters can usually be left "by default".

After that on the phone you need to go to the"Menu", then in the "Settings", "For Developers", finally, "Debugging via USB". Since this is a device that can display the English interface at this stage, we note that you need to find the USB debugging item. Near it, check the box.

If there is no section "Fordevelopers "(such is the case with Android 4.2.2, as well as newer versions), we go to the" Menu "," Settings ", then go to the item" About the device "(or" About the phone "), press about 10 times to the "Assembly Number". As a result, you should receive a message about opening the section "For Developers". Next, you need to enable USB debugging. Then connect the phone to the PC.

Russification of the keyboard of the mobile device

In order for the machine's keypad to beRussian, it is enough to install any Russian version from the Play Market store. After that go to the "Menu", go to the "Settings" and, finally, to the section on the language and keyboard. There we need to find the keyboard setting function and input methods. It is here that you need to choose the option installed from the "Play Store".

So we figured out how to Russify the "Android".

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