How to replace harmful sweets?

Can't live a day without dessert? Do not rush to reproach yourself for eating chocolates, sometimes the body suffers a severe shortage of them. Just reconsider the attitude to your own diet and continue to eat tasty. In this article we will try to find an equivalent substitute for harmful sweets.

Muesli Bar

Can't resist the temptation to eat a chocolate bar? Try replacing it with muesli in a similar format. Now on sale appeared bars with different flavors. The presence of honey, nuts and dried fruits makes them both nutritious and healthy. Muesli is a great option when you need to quickly satisfy your hunger and suppress craving for another candy.

bitter chocolate

Milk and white chocolate contain an order of magnitude more fat than their bitter counterpart. It is worth choosing if to do without the cherished tile is not possible. In reasonable quantities, dark chocolate is good for the cardiovascular system, it contains antioxidants. The main selection criterion in the store is the percentage of cocoa, it should not be less than 60%.

Sugar free candies

Do you like caramel? The high sugar content makes them an undesirable delicacy for those who follow their own weight and state of health. But to abandon them and do not have to, because on the shelves of stores there is a special kind of candy with zero sugar content.


If you wish, you can replace sweets with fruits. With an interesting presentation of orange, banana or apple will be an excellent substitute for high-calorie desserts. Experiment with recipes and try unexpected combinations. Smoothies, salads and homemade ice cream will be an excellent alternative to desserts bought in the store.

Marshmallow and marshmallow

If you are involved in counting calories, be sure to pay attention to the fact that marshmallow and marshmallow contain a relatively small number of them. Their taste will satisfy the sweet tooth of any age and will not cause weight gain. An exception can only be products coated with chocolate icing.


Marmalade can not be unequivocally attributed to either useful or harmful desserts. Firstly, because there are very few natural ingredients in the chewing version of the delicacy.Regular marmalade can be classified as a healthy product only if it is possible to find the inscription “dietary” or “low-fat” on its packaging.

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