How to remove the distributor?

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How to remove the distributor?

One of the main features of the series of cars VAZ 2101-2107, which is popularly called "classic", is the contact ignition system, which is considered very inefficient. However, good, instead of a contact distributor, you can install a non-contact, and this work is simple, and it can be done independently. Let's see how to remove and replace the timer.


Before you get started, make sure that you have the following elements at hand:

  • Ignition kit - distributor, coil, switching unit and connecting wires;
  • high voltage wires;
  • DVRM spark plugs (4 pieces);
  • Tools - wrenches, screws, drill and screwdriver.

Just say, this whole kit will cost about 2000-2500 rubles, but those who changed the ignition system are convinced that the game is worth the trouble - with a contactless system, the car becomes much more pleasant to manage.

Remove the distributor

The first thing you need to remove the old distributor. To do this, you must first disconnect from it all electrical wires and contacts, and then remove the cover and disconnect the mechanical fasteners.In addition, it is important when removing the timer to install a special slider so that it is rotated with respect to the engine by 90 degrees.

Contactless ignition installation

Installation of the new distributor

To install a new distributor, you must perform all the procedures for removing the old one, only in the reverse order:

  1. Remove the cover from the new distributor, insert it.
  2. Put on washers and fasten them with a nut.
  3. We put a cover on the distributor, insert the high-voltage wires from the plugs into it, as well as the central wire from the coil.

Connect new coil

  1. We disconnect all wires from the old coil, disconnect the fasteners, remove it and mount it in its place.
  2. We connect the central high-voltage wire to the coil, and we wire the wires that go from the distributor to the spark plugs. To contact "K" you need to connect two brown wires, in "B" - two blue.
  3. Plug with three pins inserted into the socket distributor.

Switch Installation

It remains only to install the switch, make it very easy. First select the place where you want to install it. As a rule, the space between the washer reservoir and the left headlight is great.In the chosen place we drill two holes and mount the timer on the screws. We insert a large connector into the switch.

It remains only to check whether you have collected everything correctly by the car’s electrical circuit.

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