How to register in GTA 4?

March 2, 2015
How to register in GTA 4?

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How to register in GTA 4?

Of all the GTA series, the fourth part is one of the most popular. It is still played by many gamers, and in this regard, some of them have the question of how to register in GTA 4.

In our article we will look at how to register your account in the game GTA 4.

Registering an account in GTA 4

Once you are on your computer, you will need to register with games for Windows.

An account in this service is required to register an account in GTA 4. To create an account, you need to go to the page.

Now you need to register in. This service is similar to the popular Steam. However, it only contains products from Rockstar. You can register both using a social network with your account, and using a standard form (name, email address, password). Without registration in the service the game will not start!

To register in GTA 4 you need:

  1. When registration to Rockstar Club is completed, download the latest updates for the game through. This way you can play online with friends,and keep your version of the game up to date. If the game version is irrelevant, then you will not be available online mode.
  2. The client for games for Windows can be downloaded.
  3. Download the update It is also recommended to download, as it will allow you to continue using the services of this service without any errors.
  4. After that you can start playing. To get started, click on the launch GTA 4 shortcut.
  5. The game will automatically take you to the Rockstar Club, now you can click "Play", and the game will start online.
  6. If necessary, you will need to enter the key of the game that was provided to you at the time of purchase.

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