How to pump up the vagina?

This information is only for those women who do not want to be content with normal sex life, but are trying to bring it to a new qualitative level, making it more complete. Such ladies just need to know how to pump vagina.

Vaginal functions

The female sexual organ, that is, the vagina, looks like a tube, the length of which is 8-12 cm. It is elastic and contains muscles. Muscles perform the function of adapting to the male penis in an erection state. It clamps the member from all sides, due to the swelling and tension of the muscles from the increased blood supply during the excitation of the penis.

Elasticity after delivery

With age, the vagina begins to change. Basically, after childbirth, it loses its elasticity, becomes more flabby and therefore cannot adjust to the phallus of a man. This leads to the fact that during intercourse, both partners do not have the bright feeling that before. During labor, women stretch the walls of the vagina, especially if the fetus is born large.All this aggravates the gaps and seams on them.


So that sex does not bring you one nerve disorder, it is better to find out how to build vaginal muscles with the help of special exercises. So you strengthen the muscles, which are called vumenami - this is a particularly intimate muscles, located near the anus and vagina and contracting during orgasm. If you make an effort, you can even manage them during intercourse, which will bring inexpressible pleasure not only to you, but also to your partner.

Exercises for vaginal muscles

Exercise 1

Lie on your stomach, if you can not, do the exercise in any position convenient for you. The muscles that you plan to pump, you first need to detect. Imagine that you want to go to the toilet, reproduce this action and abruptly interrupt yourself, as if you are afraid to wet yourself. Do the same with the anus. Remember your feelings. Then try to squeeze both groups of these muscles at once. During this exercise, the hips should give in a little forward. Stay in that position for a few seconds. Feelings will not be pleasant, but you will not experience pain. You can not squeeze the muscles for a long time, do it as much as you can. Squeeze the anus together with the buttocks, in addition to everything else and tighten the gluteal muscles.Just do not overdo it, the first two weeks repeat this movement once a day and no more. You should feel only mild fatigue. Increase the number of repetitions to 100 times a day five times a week, and in a month you will be pleased with an excellent result.

Exercise 2

You must have the appropriate skills for this exercise. Lie down and make a stand (birch), if it is difficult for you to hold yourself like this, then lean against the wall. Start to spread legs, and then reduce to the starting position. Do it smoothly and increase not a lot of amplitude, you need to do 6-7 repetitions per minute. The first week, do it for 3-4 minutes, gradually bring up to 10 minutes of classes per day.


Strain the vagina as if you want to draw something into it and hold it in that state until you miss five. Over time, you should be able to count up to 30, holding the muscles. Do this simple exercise every hour, especially since you can do it anywhere, and in a month you will see the result.


Squeeze and relax the vagina. This is done very quickly, starting from 10 times and bringing the number of repetitions gradually up to 50 times.Then, with the muscles of the anus, do the same.


First, contract the muscles of the vagina, and then the anus. Alternate repeat 20 times.


Count from 3 to 5. Squeeze the vagina for three and five and stop at each position. In the same sequence, relax, dwelling on the same numbers. Exercise and do on the muscles of the anus.

Vagina muscle training is over.

Interesting fact

We all know that heels have a negative effect on our legs, which is not the case with vaginal muscles. It turns out that when our feet are at a 15-degree angle from the ground, the muscles of the penis are trained. Just do not overdo it with a heel, medium enough, too high is not needed. Yet the best result will bring you the exercises listed above.

Now you know how to pump vagina. I hope you will be able to please your loved one by giving him new incredibly vivid sensations!

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