How to play with clothespins and buttons

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Clothespins and Patterns

Clothespins - a great tool for the development of fine motor child. There are a great many wonderful games with clothespins that will carry your baby along for a long time. One of the most beloved ones is to create different figures from patterns with the help of clothespins.

  1. Cut out thick paper or cardboard patterns of the sun, clouds, Christmas trees, fish, flower, hedgehog, bunny.
  2. Teach the baby to attach clothespins to the templates to complement the picture (for example, to make rays in the sun, rain in a cloud or a spike in a hedgehog).
  3. At first it will be difficult for the baby to attach the clothespins, but he will be happy to take them off.
  4. Over time, his fingers will get stronger, and he will fully engage in this game.
Pick special clothespins for children: not tight and bright colors.


Clothes pegs

If you have a lot of colorful clothespins at home, this is quite enough for interesting games and activities. Take note of a few ideas on how to entertain a child,having only a rope and clothespins.

  • String clothespins of different colors on a string. Alternate colors, create color pictures. Strung clothespins can be used as bills.
  • Ask your baby to make beads for mom. Give him a rope - let him string the clothespins, alternating them by color. This is one of the best finger games with clothespins. Ready beads can be decorated with ribbons or bows.
    You can create a ritual associated with these beads, for example, every evening solemnly put on the child a “magic necklace of desires”, and at that time he makes a wish and says what he will do to implement it.
  • Little kids love to help their parents by imitating them. Give your baby that opportunity. Stretch a rope for him and let him wash things (it is better to take small things like socks or panties). He will be happy to hang them and fix them with clothespins, and not necessarily.


Moving and fun games

Clothespins are good for fun outdoor games. For example, play inthe game "Find the clothespin". Attach a few clothespins on your clothes, and your baby should find and remove them in a certain time.

If there are two children in a family, arrange a "peg competition": one child is looking for clothespins on the mother, the other on the father.

If there are a lot of kids in the house, entertain themgame with clothespins.Attach a rope tail to each child, attach a clothespin to it. The task of the participants: to collect as many pegs as possible from all participants. Wins the one who will have the largest number of pins.

On this card index of games with clothespins does not end. You can come up with other entertainment using these simple gadgets - it all depends on your imagination.

We play with exercise equipment from buttons

You can come up with no less interesting games for the development of fine motor skills, using ordinary buttons. It's harder to play with them than with clothespins, so wait until the fingers of the crumbs become more obedient. Take into account the two ideas of “button” simulators suggested below.

  • Sew a few buttons of different colors and different sizes on a thick fabric and give the baby. He will twist them, knead, perhaps, try for a tooth, study colors and shape (there are even square and oval buttons), which will contribute to its intensive development.You can place the buttons in the form of a picture (for example, a flower or a tree).
  • The next simulator is the didactic game “Button Up”. It is more complex, but children are happy to be included in this difficult work. Sew a few bright buttons on the green fabric - it will be a meadow with flowers. Cut out color patterns from the colored pieces and cut a hole in the middle of each one. Give the task to the baby “to plant flowers in the meadow”, that is, to fasten each flower to the sewn buttons.


Games with "houses" for buttons

Children are happy to be involved in games associated with filling buttons of different patterns or pushing them into the holes. Examples of such games and activities are given below.

  • Take a plastic or tin can with a lid, make two or three holes in the lid of different sizes (for the size of buttons).
    Give the child a set of buttons and tell them the conditions of the game: push different-sized buttons into the corresponding holes.
  • Cut out any object or composition (for example, a train or a flower in a pot) from thick cardboard. In the figure, carefully cut round holes to fit the buttons.
    Suggest the child to decorate the picture by placing a button of a certain size in each hole.
    For convenience, you can make all the holes the same and select a few buttons for them so that the crumb rearranges them, changing colors. Similar developing games with buttons can be thought out with different pictures an infinite number of times.


As you can see, to entertain the baby is not so difficult. For exciting and educational games, the usual everyday things that are in every house - clothespins and buttons will do. Almost everything is interesting to the child: he knows the world with his eyes wide open and will be unspeakably happy with any manifestation of fantasy. Keep this in mind and include creativity to the fullest. Then the crumb just never misses you!

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