How to open .djvu file? File extension .djvu: what to open

Many e-books have the .djvu extension. This format is especially popular for educational and scientific books due to the high compression of documents, often several times higher than in .pdf. Let's find out what it is for .djvu, which applications you can use to read these books on your computer and mobile devices.

how to open djvu file

About this extension

Before we consider how to open djvu-format files, let's understand what it is. In fact, these are scanned copies of document pages collected in a convenient package. The .pdf format is often used for the same purpose, which can be confusing. There are differences, because .pdf may contain plain text, which allows, in particular, copying.

The .DjVu format was developed at the end of the last century in an AT & T lab and sold to LizardTech. To achieve high compression of high-quality images, it uses special technologies (for example, separation into layers).The compression ratio of color documents in .DjVu is 5-10 times higher than that of .jpeg, and 3-8 times higher than compression .tiff.

DjVu is read as dejavu (deja vu). Files of this format have the .djvu extension. They are formed by special programs such as DjVuLibre or DjVuSmall and may contain tables of contents and links. This makes it easier to navigate when viewing documents.

djvu file opener program

2 ways to read .djvu on a computer

There are two ways to work with this format. The first is to have a program installed that opens .djvu files. And the second is the use of a converter with which to convert them into another format, for example .fb2 or .pdf.

Computer reading software

Consider which program to open the .djvu file. Perhaps the most popular of these is the DJVU Reader. It is distributed freely on the Internet. The downloaded archive should be unpacked into a separate folder, using, for example, the WinRAR archiver. Select the "Extract to the specified folder" item in the pop-up menu when you click the folder in the archive with the right mouse button. Next, open the folder in which you placed the program, find the DjVuReader.exe object, right-click on it and select "Create Shortcut". Then you need to drag this shortcut to the desktop and rename it at will. The program is installed on the computer.

Use: you need to open it with the help of the created shortcut - a clean gray sheet will open. The only available menu control is the File button. Click on it, select the “Open” position in the pop-up menu and in the dialog box - the .djvu file for viewing. After downloading a book, you can zoom in (using the “+” and “-” buttons), flip pages (use the “Forward” and “Back” arrows), go to specific pages of the document, or copy text or an image.

open djvu file on android

Another well-known program that solves the problem of "how to open a .djvu file" is WinDjView, which works on most versions of Windows. It allows you to open books, read text in continuous mode, insert bookmarks, search for phrases in a document, select and copy text or image, and perform other actions on files. Some actions are available only if there is an embedded text layer in the document. The advantage of the program is that it is an almost weightless and fast program for viewing books like .djvu with continuous scrolling and additional printing features.

You can also use free software DJVUView and STDUViewer. They can be downloaded from official sites.

Naturally, there are other programs that have slightly less functionality.

how to open djvu format files

Online reading .djvu in the computer

Without installing special programs, you can read documents of the format in question using a special DJVU Browser Plug-in plugin, supported by almost all popular browsers. After downloading and installing it on your computer, you can read .djvu files directly from the Internet. When installing, you must specify the OS version, the latest version and the language of the plugin.

How to read .djvu in Mac OS?

Adherents of "apple" computers are also interested in the question of how to open the .djvu file. To do this, try DjVuReader, which is found on the AppStore. It is paid, but much more convenient than the others, because it has the ability to display pages in two columns, switch scrolling modes and continuous scrolling of pages, supports full-screen operation, can turn individual pages to either side, select any part of the document and copy it to the clipboard. Export to .pdf format without conversion quality settings is also supported.

To read djvu-files in Mac OS, you can also use the DjVuLibre or MacDjView applications - a simple program with continuous scrolling of pages and the possibility of flipping a document sideways.DjView allows you to read such files, which works quickly, allows you to display them in two columns, scroll in continuous mode and search through the document. It is possible to customize the program interface to your own requirements and export the entire document or several of its pages from .djvu to other formats (.pdf, .jpg, .tiff, etc.) with setting the level of compression and image resolution.

which program to open the djvu file

What to open on the "Android"?

The following applications will allow you to open the .djvu file on "Android":

  1. VuDroid is a free English-language program.
  2. DJVUDroid is also a free program that, in addition to reading, allows you to open recently viewed documents and search for them inside folders.
  3. EBookDroid is a free application for reading not only .djvu files, but also .pdf.
  4. CoolReader, which supports viewing not only .djvu, but also .fb2, .pdf and a number of other "book" formats.
  5. OrionViewer is a reader that supports bookmarks, tap-zones, hardware key overrides, works extremely fast, has page turning and cropping settings, and allows reading not only .djvu and .pdf, but also exotics (such as .xps and .cbz) .
  6. DjVureader for Android - fast, quickly opens very large files, has a high quality image playback, has personal settings,which will help give the reader a unique look and optimize it for each user of a mobile device.

which program to open the djvu file

There are a number of free applications for reading .djvu. All of them have limited functionality compared to paid applications. In particular, they do not provide the ability to edit such files, often there is no possibility of searching, selecting and copying text and pictures.

To install the desired program, enter its name in the search line of the app store of your device. In the search results, find the application you are looking for and install it as you normally install programs on your device.

Converter .djvu to .pdf

Suppose there is no possibility or desire to install a program that allows you to service the .djvu file extension. How to open such books in this case? You should apply the conversion of the file to another "book" format. There are not enough powerful .djvu to .fb2 converters yet. Available for a long time translating books of more than 500 pages. Therefore, we consider the more successful existing converters .djvu to .pdf.

First, download a special program DjView. Next, open the archive and run the boot file. Installation is a simple wizard and does not cause problems.After installation, run the application using the automatically generated shortcut on the desktop.

To convert .djvu to .pdf, download the book in .djvu format using the File - Open menu. Conversion is carried out through the menu "File" - "Export ...", choosing in the panel "Result" - "Format" item "PDF Document". We confirm the operation (“OK”) and wait for the end of the conversion, which does not last long. As a result, a document in the .pdf format will appear in the destination folder.

djvu file extension than open

In addition, to convert .djvu to .pdf, you can use the free online service docspal. Calling the domain of the same name in the .com segment and selecting the file for conversion (or specifying a link), click the Convert button. Conversion takes place automatically at a speed that depends on the file size and the quality of the Internet connection. A link to the resulting file appears in the Converted files field, which can be opened with the existing .pdf viewer.

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