How to make demotivator: instructions for beginners


Recently, the question has become relevant: “How to make a demotivator?” Some people assume that it is very difficult to make such a picture, and therefore ordinary users cannot do it. But today I will prove the opposite. So, then you will learn how to make a demotivator.create your demotivator


But before proceeding to the consideration of the instructions, let's find out what the demotivator is. This is a motivational image that has received a huge spread on the Internet among social networks and various communities. Most often, the demotivator consists of two parts - inscriptions and pictures. In most cases, a black background is used. To date, these images are divided into different categories. For example, humorous, traditional (motivating), narrative and other types. Slightly below will be considered the easiest ways to create these images.

How to make a demotivator? Graphic editor

First of all, the demotivator is just a picture. Therefore, to make it, you can use almost any graphic editors. The easiest way to create your demotivator through the program is Adobe Photoshop. There are layers, shapes, convenient frames and other tools that allow you to create and arrange such a picture properly. It takes no more than a quarter of an hour to create a demotivator through Photoshop. And with skillful use, you can handle it in a couple of minutes. If you wish, you can use other programs from this to make demotivator

Online services

Earlier you learned how to make a demotivator through graphic editors. And many may have thought that using a program like Photoshop to create a simple demotivator is not appropriate. Moreover, not every user has such software installed. But there are alternative methods. For example, special online services. They automatically generate the desired area of ​​the picture. You just need to specify the url-address of the desired image and enter the text. The portal will do everything for you. Such services can be found in abundance on special resources, so there should be no problems with finding problems. If you think that they are all paid, then you are mistaken.Administrators are completely free to offer this service to their users. Sometimes it may take registration on the site, but most often it occurs in a few minutes. Some services allow you to remotely download images from the user's computer.

create demotivators

Special programs

You can also create demotivators using special utilities. Everything happens on the same principle as in online services, only without using the Internet. But first you need to download the client program to your computer. This method is ideal for those who have a slow connection to the Internet or even it is missing. You can download the program in advance or ask your friends about it. Such software clients weigh quite a bit, as a rule, no more than 10 megabytes. In addition, most often in such utilities there is a set of tools that change the color, font and other characteristics of the picture.


Remember that demotivators were originally used to encourage people to do good deeds. It is now such pictures turned into humorous images.Try to make more sense in your creation.

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