How to make a self-leveling floor

How to make a self-leveling floor

You yourself began to make repairs or simply raised the old linoleum and saw that the floor is not as good as before. In order to restore it you need to doflooring. What measures should be taken to restore the floor?

The following tools will be needed for work: a drill, a metal brush (a roughing machine is also used), a two-meter rail, slats, a spray gun or a paint roller, a construction vacuum cleaner, a dry mix for leveling floors and a spatula. There is also an article on how to choose the right laminate.

So, all the tools are available, you can start to work. We start by sealing the gaps in the base of the floor, then we check the surface evenness with a long batten You must know that the distance between the rail and the floor should not be more than 2 mm. After the test, we establish the floor level, with the plaster on the walls, remove it 3 cm above the indicated level. Thoroughly clean the surface with a metal brush and vacuum the accumulated dirt.

Using a sprayer or roller, we perform a thin layer of single-layer primer.It is important to comply with this condition, so be re-priming. After that we lay wooden slats along the walls and we can consider the foundation of the floor ready for further work.

How to make a self-leveling floorNext, proceed to the preparation of the mixture, which will be used when pouring the floor. With constant stirring, the mixture is diluted with water. As soon as the solution becomes homogeneous, we begin to fill the floor. It is better to work with someone in a pair, since the finished mixture can not be left for a long time.

We start to fill from the far corners of the room, gradually heading towards the door. The solution is poured in strips with a width of 30-50cm. We use a spatula to evenly spread the solution over all surfaces of the floor. After the work done, let the floor dry. It is necessary during this period of time that the room is closed and protected from direct sunlight, exposure to drafts and temperature changes. After 7-11 hours, you can begin to step on the floor made. Full drying will occur only after 2 days.

After three days, you can already begin to lay linoleum and ceramic tiles, a week to lay parquet."Warm floors" can begin to do no earlier than a week. It should be remembered that the heating of the floor must begin at room temperature, increasing it by 3 degrees per day.

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