How to make a mill?

Many are interested in how to make a windmill with your own hands? Modern innovative technologists have long replaced windmills, however, even nowadays there is a need to manufacture such devices. Today, as a rule, windmills can be seen in a decorative version, which are installed on the backyard or cottage, near farms or other agricultural land and plants. A windmill is a beautiful decorative element and a fairly practical building where you can store, for example, toys, garden or building equipment. So, how to make a mill with your own hands?

Step by step instructions for the construction of a windmill

  • To achieve this goal it is necessary to carry out work to deepen the foundation. The foundation deepens by about 70 centimeters, after which a brick base is laid at the place of the deepening. Further, the basement is sheathed with wooden bars with a section of 50x100 millimeters.
  • After that, it is necessary to make a frame of steel (80x120x270 cm), which is better to cook from a corner of 50x50 mm.The framework is sheathed by a wooden bar with a section of 40х40 mm. The visual effect is significantly improved if you fix the lining on the uneven bars. Lining is fixed with screws.
  • The next step in the manufacture of a windmill is to install a steel frame on the base. To protect the wood from adverse weather conditions (moisture, rain, sun, etc.) use a special impregnation. Impregnation is applied in several layers (primer, varnish and primary color). To insulate the structure, the mill is sheathed inside with foam and plywood.
  • From the wooden bars on top of the frame is established supporting structure of the roof. On the roof system lay a solid crate. In this case, you can use the remaining lining. The crate is covered with roofing material in two layers, then the roofing material is settled.
  • After establishing the basic structure of the windmill, the manufacture of the screw is started. To do this, you need to take a three-quarter axle and two powerful rolling bearings.
  • Next, collect the blades of the mill. The blades can be made of wooden planks with a section of 20x40 mm or from wooden bars - 50x50 mm.The blades of the mill are fastened with screws. Windmill is ready.

The use of water mills in the decoration of personal plots

Watermills at a country house or a garden are quite popular - the dream of many romantics, but how to make a mill? In the mills there is something mysterious, amazing and fascinating. Therefore, many people think about how to make a water mill with their own hands to give their site a special charm?

For most of us, mills are associated with comfort and warm bread, grandmother's tales. Decorative water mills - a bold decision to decorate suburban areas. Such a mill can be made independently.

For the manufacture of a water mill, we will need a coil of wire, straw, reed, ordinary sediment, parts of blinds, water hose and adapters, fittings, sealant and a transition mechanism with an old Bulgarian.

In a metal box fix the pump. The wheel for the mill is made from a coil for wire. The specified wheel turns the screw using the transition mechanism from the grinder. The side walls in the water mill are made of reeds, the roof of the structure is covered with straw. Parts of the blinds are used to design the ceiling and screw the mill.

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