How to make a gypsy costume with your own hands

Dressing up for a costume party is a big problem for many people. Girls do not want to dress up as bunnies or cats, and the stronger sex seems to be too trivial. The idea to go to And is there a universal solution for men and women? Of course have. It is worth looking at the costume of the gypsy or gypsy. How to make such a nontrivial outfit read below.

Suit for girl

Gypsy costumeWhen collecting a daughter for a party in honor of the birthday of a friend or for a holiday in kindergarten, many mothers think about what to dress up their princess. You can dress her as a queen or as a character from a Disney cartoon. But the problem is that many girls will be Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. And I want my daughter to stand out from the gray mass. One of the non-trivial solutions is to make a gypsy costume.

This ethnic minority is famous for the beauty of its girls and the brightness of its clothes. In such a dress, your daughter will definitely not go unnoticed. What is needed for the manufacture of such a suit? It's pretty simple.

  • First, you need a long skirt. It is desirable that it was multicolored.If there is no skirt with an ornament, a model with wide, bright stripes will work.
  • Secondly, you need a white blouse. This may be a jacket without sleeves or with sleeves-lanterns. Black corset will complete the top of the image.
  • Thirdly, the gypsy headdress is compulsory. This accessory should be bright. Tie it up like a bandana.

To complement the image will be shoes with heels or black ballet flats. As an accessory you need to purchase or find a tambourine in the bins of the house.

Suit for a girl

Gypsy costumeAdult ladies, unlike girls, want in the image of a gypsy woman to look not only catchy, but also sexy. Therefore, their outfit will not be much different from the children's costume, but in general, thanks to some changes, the image will be more relaxed. How to assemble such a gypsy costume?

  • The skirt needs to be chosen not simply bright, but with an ornament. The model should be fitted on top and flared to the bottom.
  • Over the first skirt, you need to wear a second. And it should be a contrasting color. A bright scarf, tied at the waist, will give a spice to the image.
  • Blouse to choose a white, with long sleeves, lanterns and a deep neckline. A corset is a must-have piece.It will emphasize the chest and make the waist thinner.
  • Bright bandana will complete the image.

As a shoe, you need to choose shoes or boots with a heel, and as jewelry - large ring earrings.

Hair and makeup

Gypsy national costume photoThe national costume of the gypsy, the photo of which you can see above, is interesting in itself. But it is thanks to the make-up and hairstyle that you will get an image from which it will be impossible to look away. Gypsy women have naturally curly hair. Therefore, a girl who is not burdened with wavy hair will have to try a little. Curling irons or curlers to help you.folk gypsy costumeThanks to black eyes, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, Gypsy girls are so charming. Our compatriots are not always endowed with these external data. Therefore, you need to take time to make-up. Draw thick eyebrows, glue false eyelashes and complement the image with arrows. They can be drawn using either eyeliner or a pencil, or you can use shadows. It remains to give the face freshness and make-up lips. Powder face, creating a tanning effect and add a little blush. The final touch is lipstick. It must be red.


Since the Gypsies are nomadic people, the girls used to wear all the jewelry at once. Therefore, here you should not be afraid to overdo it. The national Gypsy costume includes beads, bracelets, and large earrings. Of course, do not forget about the ring. There should be a lot of them. They can easily decorate all the fingers. Mandatory attribute of the gypsy is a scarf. And the girls are not only standard woven models, but also with metal fittings. It can be decorative coins, iron stars, decorating the edge of the product. There are even options with bead and pearl decor. It is worth remembering that gypsy bags are not carried; they have pockets for this purpose. And the heels of girls walk rarely. They prefer shoes at low speed.

Suit for a photo shoot

gypsy costumes photoTo create an image in the style of a gypsy, it is not necessary to wear a few skirts and wind hair. If you are not going to a costume party, but to a photo session, then you can quite afford to make the image more modern. What should this be manifested in? A gypsy suit, the photo of which can be seen above, shows us one of the ways you can look nontrivial.We see that the girl's hair is not twisted, although there is quite a large amount. As the clothes, not a skirt and a blouse, but a dress were chosen And as catchy accents used feathers. You can repeat this version of clothing or come up with your own on this basis. The main thing is to keep some kind of gypsy style. A large number of jewelry, catchy belt, bright cape. Motley clothes should not be required, but they should look contrast to the background that will be the background for the photo shoot.

Men's party dress

national roma costumeThe strong half of humanity is much easier to dress in the style of the gypsy than a woman. The difficulty will be only in finding the right pants. This should be not just black pants. Pants should be quite wide, and cut to resemble the clothes of the Arabs.

For one evening, of course, it is not always profitable to buy new clothes, so you can get away with free black bloomers. You need to belt your pants with a wide red belt, if there is no suitable one, then a scarf will come off. Above you need to wear a bright color shirt. Prerequisite: you need to wear it unbuttoned. A red bandana and a black curly wig will complete the look.And the highlight on the cake will be a clip in the ear. Such an image is quite suitable not only for an adult man, but also for a boy. Gypsy suit will look stylish and original.

Men's suit for a photo shoot

Gypsy costume for a boyThe image in which the representative of the stronger sex will pose in front of the camera may differ from what is described above. Gypsy costume can be assembled less reliable, but more stylish and harmonious. It will be based on a Russian-style canvas shirt and black pants. Decorate the image. There should be a lot of them. You can choose beads with large stones or bulk pendant. Rings in Gypsy society are worn not only by women, but also by men. And they should also be with bulky stones. If there are no such ones on hand, you can replace them with massive jewelry. Instead of bandanas it is quite possible to put a bandage on his head. And it should be decorated with a large, catchy brooch.

Gypsy fashion in the works of D & G

Gypsy costumeThe Italian duet of two men was able to conquer the hearts of millions of women. Each of their new collection is another masterpiece. Inspiration men draw from popular images. They especially like national costumes.Gypsies, Italians, Spaniards, Russians and even Mexicans became sources of inspiration. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have a passion for everything bright. That is why more often than others in their collections you can see the modernized folk gypsy costumes. This can manifest itself in everything: from the pattern on the fabric to the choice of jewelry. Colorful outfits are not only dark-haired brunettes. Golden-haired, pale-skinned beauties with great pleasure put on new clothes that make them look like girls who have just escaped from a gypsy camp.

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