How to knit sneakers tanks?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 18, 2013
How to knit sneakers tanks?

How nice it is to come home to lower your legs in warm and cozy slippers. But the slippers that are sold in stores are pretty monotonous. We suggest you to connect funny sneaker tanks that will delight absolutely any person. In addition, they can be a great gift for your friend, husband or father. If you do not know how to knit sneakers-tanks, it is enough to read our instructions, which presents tips on knitting such sneakers. So let's get started!

  1. On the foot you need to tie the oval soles.
  2. Now tie the four rows up with double crochets.
  3. Tie two pieces in half a foot.
  4. Sew on.
  5. Turn out the resulting sneakers.
  6. Now, on the toe at the top, tie two rows with single crochets, and then continue to knit around the whole sneaker.
  7. Close the front part and bind the partition on the inside to form an insulated front part.
  8. Now stuff the slippers with a padding polyester and sew them up.
  9. How to tie sneakers tanks? The following scheme will look like this: of eight air loops, tie a chain, and around it - an oval top part of the tank.In order not to twist the edges of the five rows, you need to knit with columns without nakida, adding loops, and after three more rows, just not adding. And as a result you will have such a kind of cap.
  10. The resulting hats tamp with padding polyester and sew to the top.
  11. Now type nine air loops - lock into a ring, and then, without adding loops, tie eight rows together without crochet. After that, using a pencil, tamper eight rows with a padding polyester and sew a hole from the front and back. Sew them to the tank, and you get a barrel!
  12. The next step involves a set of five air loops and crochet twenty-four ribbons twenty-four centimeters long. You can knit in different colors. Roll the resulting products into rolls and sew together six pieces in a row.
  13. Now type 135 air loops and knit three rows with crochets already familiar to you, the fourth row should go in chains of five air loops. There should be four such ribbons; you circle them with wheels, and then you will sew them to them, and then to the sides of the tank.
  14. You need to tie up the tops of the tank tops with columns, and you will be thrusting your foot in there. Knit five rows, so that at the same tops the height was equal to the top of the tank.
  15. And finally, we decorate your tanks. You can embroider chain stitch. The flags fit in like this - first seven air loops with white threads and columns: two rows of each color, then hide the threads under the flag and sew with simple threads. How to tie sneakers tanks you now know. We wish you a successful creativity!

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