How to install an external Yota antenna for a modem?

As part of this review, various models of such means of connecting to the Global Web, such as the external antenna Yota, will be considered. There will also be given their technical specifications and general procedure for setting. This information is of greatest interest to potential buyers of such devices, which, due to the information set forth in the following, will be able to choose the necessary solution and configure it themselves.

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Purpose Classification

Any modern Yota external antenna is designed to create a wireless internet connection using cellular networks. And there are such models that are best used in combination with the standard 3G / UMTS or 4G / LTE. From the standpoint of speed, it is preferable to purchase the latest device, which is also compatible with 3G / UMTS cellular networks and, of course, 2G / GPRS / EDGE.

According to the design of the antenna company Yota can be divided into two groups.At one of them, the communication modem is integrated, in which case the output signal is transmitted via the USB interface cable. The key inconvenience in this case is the limited length of the cable and the complete inability to extend it independently. In the second case, the modem is delivered separately, and the connection is made using a special signal cable to the CRC9 socket of the latter. In this case, the restriction on the length of the wire is removed, and the only condition that it must meet isits resistance is 75 ohms.

From the standpoint of technical specifications, it is currently optimal to acquire an antenna with the support of 4G / LTE cellular technology and a modem device that is made separately.

Possible uses

Now let's look at where such an external antenna Yota can find practical application. The Internet has already densely entered our lives; it is difficult to imagine it without such an attribute. Especially in the case when you are a busy person and are forced to constantly solve various urgent issues, for example.

But it’s not always possible to create a wired connection to the Global Web,and the signal quality of the cellular network leaves much to be desired. At the same time, there is guaranteed a 4G / LTE tower or 3G / UMTS in relative proximity. The distance to them should not exceed 12-15 km.

In this case, the antenna integrated into the modem device will not be enough. It has a low gain value. But if you connect an external antenna with an installed amplifier to it, you can get a steady and fairly high-speed channel for receiving and sending information to the Internet.

Most often, such systems can be found in suburban cottages or country houses.

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Typical delivery list

In most cases, after the purchase of such communication equipment, each owner has at his disposal the following components:

  1. Specialized antenna.
  2. Modem with CRC9 communication connector.
  3. Warranty card, which is valid from the date of purchase of this kit for 12 months.
  4. An operating manual describing the technical characteristics of the communication system and an algorithm for installing a Yota antenna.

In the list above, there is no CD with application software and drivers for the reason thatThat this information is recorded on a memory chip integrated inside the modem. Also on it you can find more documentation on the network system in electronic form.

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Antenna model Yota LTE 4G MIMO 16 dB

This is one of the most affordable modifications of such devices today. This antenna Yota LTE is able to provide peak signal amplification up to 16 dB. It is also necessary to note that such a system can switch to any modern cellular network and receive information at a very, very high speed.

Essentially the LTE 4G MIMO 16 dB includes two separate antennas. One of them works in the horizontal plane, and the second - in the vertical. Such a constructive solution can significantly improve signal reception. The device also includes a modem equipped with two CRC9 connectors, to which these two independent antennas are connected. Another important feature of it is the open program code that allows using SIM cards not only of the Yota operator, but also of any other company. An interface wire with a length of 7 meters is directly connected to the output port of the modem. At the other end is a universal USB connector.

Antenna performed by Yota LTE 7m

This device is universal. Virtually any modern cellular network can operate such an external antenna Yota. The modem is integrated into it. A SIM card of the operator of the same name was originally installed in its slot, but if you wish, you can install a SIM card and any other company specializing in the provision of wireless services.

So this communication solution supports 2G / GSM, 3G / HSPA and 4G / LTE standards. Accordingly, the transmission rate can be “modest” 500 kbit / s in the first case, 42 Mbit / s in the second and “fantastic” 150 Mbit / s in the third.

The type of connection to a PC or router is wired USB. To implement the communication, this solution is equipped with a special interface cable 7 m long.

This antenna model supports MIMO technology. That is, in essence, this device consists of two separate and independent components. One of them maximizes the received signal in the vertical plane, and the second - in the horizontal. As a result, the minimum quality of investment ensures the highest quality of connection to the Global Web.

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Antenna model Yota LTE 4G MIMO 24 dB

The most advanced to date antenna Yota is a complete analog of the younger model LTE 4G MIMO with a peak gain of 16 dB. The key differences are a slightly modified design and a large cable length of up to 10 m. Also, its gain has increased to 24 dB. As a result, its cost increases, but at the same time it becomes possible to establish a connection at a distance of about 15-17 km.

Setup order

Now we will deal with how to install an Internet antenna Yota and independently configure it. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

  1. At the first stage, we establish a preliminary direction in which the nearest base station is supposedly located.
  2. Then we install the antenna. Fix it so that there is a possibility of rotation. At the same time, we deploy it precisely in the direction in which the cellular tower is located approximately.
  3. We lay the cable and switch the system to the PC.
  4. Turn on the computer, launch any available browser and go to the address
  5. Then you need to find the SINR (dB) and RSRP (dBm) parameters in the menu.
  6. Now, by carefully changing the angle of rotation of the antenna, we select the most optimal position.In this case, the numerical value of the SINR should increase as much as possible, and the RSRP should decrease. After that, we rigidly fix it and test the speed of the created connection.

The system is now configured and ready for use.

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Which antenna is better - homemade or branded?

Any branded antenna for the Yota modem has one significant advantage over homemade counterparts. All its design dimensions optimally match the frequencies used for data transmission. The result is the maximum possible value of the gain, which, in turn, increases the rate of exchange.

Even with all the desire to make a balanced decision with their own hands will not work. At a short distance from the tower operator, which does not exceed 5 km, some success can be achieved. At a greater distance, problems may already arise when using an improvised such device. But such a proprietary antenna, even at a distance of 15 km, is capable of providing high-quality wireless switching with the Global Web, and it is recommended to use it everywhere.

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Cost of

Younger modification of such communication equipment Yota LTE 4G MIMO 16 dB costs 6900 rubles.At the same time, it should be noted that from the standpoint of configuration and technical characteristics a ready-made device will be obtained, which only needs to be properly configured. The last operation can be performed independently.

The average Yota antenna model LTE 7m currently estimated at 8900 rubles. She, according to the passport, the greater the value of the gain, which is 20 dB. Well, the most advanced version is Yota LTE 4G MIMO 24 dB.


If you choose between homemade systems and branded devices, then it is preferable to the second of them. Their characteristics are much better, and their design parameters are more optimal for signal reception. Also, there is no hard link to the equipment of the company of the same name in this case and such a system can be used with any SIM card. At the same time, the cost of these communication products is quite democratic. Also to the benefits can be attributed, and a simple order setting, which is able to cope even a novice specialist. These are the main advantages of such communication equipment from Yota.

The experts found no minuses during the operation.

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As part of this review, a Yota antenna of various models has been reviewed. The most accessible of them - LTE 4G MIMO with a maximum gain of the received signal of 16 dB should be used in cases where the distance to the nearest base station does not exceed 7-8 km. The second of them - LTE 7m - can receive information from a 4th generation wireless network already at a distance of 10 km. At the same time, its maximum gain is increased to 20 dB. It is this circumstance that allows her to use at a greater distance. But the most advanced modification of LTE 4G MIMO is able to provide a connection already at a distance of 15-17 km. This is ensured by an even higher gain value on the passport of 24 dB. It is based on these considerations, and it is recommended to choose such a system for connecting to the Internet.

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