How to insert a plastic window?

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How to insert a plastic window?

Your decision is to install a plastic window yourself, absolutely right! Of course, you can invite the masters, but the saved penny is never superfluous, despite the fact that the window installation procedure does not require any specific knowledge. And how this work is done in practice, our article will tell.

How to insert plastic windows

You might be surprised, but installing a plastic window is not much different from the same operation with a wooden window. The process is not too time consuming, however, it will require a responsible approach from you and some skills in working with tools and materials. In the course of the work, you will need to dismantle the old window, prepare the window opening to install the plastic window, install the window frame and the new window, as well as adjust the slopes, window sills and sills. In conclusion, it will be necessary to install a glass unit, fasten the sash and seal the window.Immediately make a reservation that inserting a plastic window alone is quite difficult, so before you start work, it is advisable to take care of an assistant.

So, the work begins with the dismantling of old window frames and windows. The procedure is rather cumbersome, maybe even traumatic, so the main thing here is to do everything carefully and carefully. After dismantling the window frames and frames, it will also be necessary to remove the already unnecessary, old window sills and ebb. We clean the window opening and prepare to install a plastic window into it. We clean the garbage. Next, remove the sash from the new window, remove the double-glazed windows and insert the bare frame into the window opening. This moment is the most responsible - together with an assistant try to perfectly align the frame in the window opening. The frame is fixed with anchor bolts and wedges or mounting plates, securely fastened to the window opening. The frame is leveled, both horizontally and vertically. One should not focus on the window opening, often very uneven, but on the corresponding tool, in particular, on the level readings.

Between the frame and the window opening will certainly form gaps that need to be carefully sealed with foam. You must ensure that the foam filled all the cracks and cavities.Remember that the mounting foam not only firmly holds the window frame, but is also a good insulation. Next, you need to establish the ebb, which is not difficult.

The next step is the installation of a windowsill

First, under the future sill you need to measure the opening. Then, using the obtained dimensions, we cut out the window sill of the required configuration, insert it under the window frame and fix it securely. Under the window sill a gap of up to several centimeters can be found. It is carefully zapenivaem The gap of a larger size is more rational to lay a brickwork or seal up with cement mortar. If the window we are installing will go to the balcony, on the other hand, instead of a low tide, you can adjust another window sill.

At the end of the installation, it is important to once again fill all the holes and gaps, including the outside, with foam. Winter comfort and warmth in the room directly depends on the quality of this procedure. So, the main work is completed. But the window becomes complete only after installing the slopes. Here it is necessary to take into account some features of a person’s vision In particular, installing a slope at an angle will provide a visual increase in our window.

Now you know almost everything about how to insert a plastic window.The work on the installation of a plastic window ends with the installation, fastening and adjustment of all kinds of fittings, as well as the installation of double-glazed windows in the frames. Proper installation and proper operation of the window is a guarantee of winter heat and comfort in your room for many years. Now you know how to insert a plastic window; you can watch the video to fix the lesson at the link below.

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