How to get to the Kazan station?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 28, 2012
How to get to the Kazan station?

One of the most beautiful stations in Moscow is Kazansky. All who came to him for the first time are amazed that the trains go right under the roof of the building. From here, many trains and trains depart. Therefore, travelers need to know how to get to the Kazan station from different parts of Moscow. So, remember, this railway junction is located on Komsomolskaya Square, the nearest metro station is called “Komsomolskaya”, on the Koltsevaya Line it is very easy to find. Consequently, if you are going to Kazansky railway station by metro, then you need to go out at this station.

How to get from the airports?

If you are coming from Sheremetyevo, then you need to take buses 851E or 851. Arrive at the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, go to Belorusskaya, go to the ring line, and follow to Komsomolskaya station. In the same way, you can get, sitting at the airport on the bus number 949.

In Sheremetyevo, you can take the bus 817 or the fixed-route taxi No. 948.Coming to the Planernaya metro station, from it you get to Barrikadnaya. Here, go to the Krasnopresnenskaya station of the ring line and drive to Komsomolskaya. This path only seems difficult, in fact, once you get on the metro, you will not get lost ! Follow the signs.

If your final destination is Moscow, Kazanskiy railway station, how to get to it you will not have a question if you use aeroexpress. From the terminals F, D, E goes this high-speed train, he will bring you to Belorussky railway station. Get down to the subway, go to the ring line, go to "Komsomolskaya".

From Vnukovo, there is also aeroexpress, on it you will reach the Kiev railway station. Go down to the ring line of the metro, and follow to the "Komsomolskaya station." From Vnukovo can be reached by bus. Numbers 611 and 611С, or minibus 45 will take you to the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. And, from there, already, go to "Komsomolskaya". From Vnukovo, also, the route taxi 750M goes, it will bring you to the Oktyabrskaya metro station, you also descend to the Koltsevaya metro station, and you go to the cherished Komsomolskaya metro station without a transfer.

Similarly, we must go from Domodedovo. On the Aeroexpress to "Paveletskaya", from there along the roundabout to "Komsomolskaya".Or, take bus 30 to Domodedovo metro station, then to Paveletskaya station, and on.

From other stations

From Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky railway stations to get to Kazansky is the easiest thing - you just have to go underground. All other stations have a metro station, you need to get to the ring line, and get to the station "Komsomolskaya". For example, you need to find out how to get to Kazan Station - Kievsky Station. See the subway map, and you will see that there is a straight line from the Kievskaya station to the Komsomolskaya station. So, everything is very simple! Good luck!

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