How to get to Ramensky?

Ramenskoye - a small town in the suburbs,it is located 45 km from the capital. It is a beautiful city with a local history museum and old temples. In the city you can also get acquainted with unusual modern architectural solutions.

From our article you will learn how to get to Ramensky on a different transport.

How to get to Ramensky from Moscow

One of the convenient and fastest types of transport,which you can drive to the city of Ramenskoye from the capital, is a bus. Flights depart daily from Moscow from the station "Vykhino". Near the station there is a stop at which you need to take the bus number 424, which will reach the bus station Ramensky in about an hour with a tail (taking into account traffic jams it will take a little more, as the bus travels through other localities with all stops).

Arriving in the city, on public transport you are withoutlabor to reach any desired point of the city. From nearby cities - Zhukovsky, Bronnitsy, Fryazevo, Kuzyaevo - daily flights to Ramensky are also made. The bus schedule with all stops you can see on the site

How to get to Ramenskoye by train

If you go by train to Ramenskoye,you will have several advantages, as you will quickly reach, and still be able to choose a convenient time. The fact is that the trains leave the platform every 15 minutes. You can leave Kazan Station by choosing the platforms "42 km", "47 km" and "Factory" or high-speed trains "REX" and "Sputnik", inside which is very comfortable, and the journey time is about 45 minutes.

You will also be approached by electric trains that go todirection Ryazan, Ryazanovka, Lakes and Golutvin. But it's better to stop right at Ramenskoye, since the trains are much freer (except for the summer period).

In the same way you can get to the oppositedirection to the capital, as well as from other settlements along the Moscow-Ryazan railway. You can see the schedule at the Kazan railway station or on the Russian Railways website.

We go to Ramenskoye by car

Visit the city of Ramenskoe in the Moscow region youyou can and on the car, both in passing and on personal. To do this, you need to drive through the city of Lyubertsy and go to Novoryazanskoye highway, then go along the A-102 (the track is in good condition). It will take about 55 km to pass, it will take about an hour or so (if there are no traffic jams). In the same way along the A-102 highway you can go through the cities of Oktyabrsky and Ostrovtsy, the travel time is the same, the length too.

And at last we advise you to visit our section How to get from and to - from it you will learn how to get to various cities of Russia.

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