How to get rid of the fear of death

How to get rid of the fear of death

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We are all mortal. There is not a single living creature that does not have the quality of mortality.

The law of the universe says: everything that is born subsequently dies. Despite the fact that the absolute majority of people know about this law, it is nevertheless scary to die.
The fear of death accompanies life in the form of knowledge on a subconscious level. A person understands his mortality, but continues to live without this awareness qualitatively influencing this life.

In sociology, there is the term "ontological security", according to which, a person is a priori inherent in a sense of security of life, thanks to which he actively leads an orderly, meaningful life, despite the awareness of his finiteness (death).

Such security is inherent only in man, since only the human person has the consciousness of his Self.

There are people who have violated the perception of life as a safe environment for life. They do not possess or have ceased to possess, due to some circumstances, a sense of ontological security, which entails the fear of death.

The idea that a person is not eternal, that he will die one day, can be so depressing that the individual simply loses the ability to think about something else, lead an active lifestyle, rejoice and actually live.

About such psychologists say: "He is so afraid of death, that he dies during his life." Such a phobic fear that binds a person and prevents him from functioning adequately is called thanatophobia. Tanatophobia, like any other phobia, is successfully treated by psychotherapy.

However, most people are not sick with tanatophobia, but have the fear of death. Thoughts of death do not terrify, holding down movements and increasing the heartbeat to the pre-infarction state, but they are unpleasant and disturbing.

At the heart of the fear of death is the human perception of what he associates with death. It may be:

  • Uncertainty and uncertainty;
  • Awareness of the meaninglessness of life;
  • Old age and associated severe illness;
  • Unwillingness to become a burden for loved ones;
  • Fear of pain, etc.

Thus, if we look at this list from the side, then we can conclude that most people are not afraid of the fact of death, but of very specific things related to the process of dying.

Therefore, before stating that you have the fear of death, think about what you really fear and work on solving a specific problem.

Of course, getting rid of the fear of death is not the same as gaining immortality. But it is in your power to fill the life you have lived and push the fear of death out of it. Therefore, if the thought of your limbs is scary, the following tips will help to deal with this issue and give strength.

Analyze your fear

The fear of death most often means the fear of certain processes with which dying is associated:

  • It is the process of aging of the body and soul, the extinction and reduction of vitality;
  • It may be anxiety before the loss of loved ones and loved ones, who, too, are not getting younger every day;
  • This concern for material well-being in extreme old age, and the opportunity to do your favorite thing, etc.
Try to formulate your personal anxieties that are associated with death. Then concentrate on the possibility of resolving this issue.

Anxiety is anxiety, but you can really make an effort to eliminate it.For example, you are afraid to grow old and, having looked in the mirror once, to see the aged body, sagging skin, gray hair. Undoubtedly, this is a biological natural process from which it is impossible to save your body. However, you can change your lifestyle and attitude to the body, so that it is as long as possible in good shape.

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This can be easily achieved daily by exercising, making walks, start running, do exercises in the morning, change your diet (plenty of fruits and vegetables, water, light food, without overeating), do anti-aging massages for the skin, eliminate sources of stress - unnerving friends and girlfriends, an excessive amount of unloved affairs and information from the TV or radio.

If you are anxious about the possibility of losing your loved ones and loved ones, then spend more energy and your resources on them now so that they can be more happy with your society and attention.


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And what about after death

Often we are concerned about the issue of uncertainty and unpredictability of what follows the moment of physical death. Every person has their own beliefs about this.Someone thinks in a religious way, someone in the philosophical, and someone atheist. By the way, the last tanatophobia is quite rare. Nevertheless, everyone is sure that the biological death of the human body is not the end. This is a kind of psychological defense of the meaning of life, because it is quite difficult to accept the fact that after death there will be nothing. If so, then what's the point of living in general?

If you are concerned about this question, refer to various sources: religious theories, spiritual practices, scientific research, etc.

Your task is to gather as much information as possible to form your theory and conviction.

This theory will serve as the basis for your views on life after death and relieve tension. If you know / believe how it will be after death, then why worry?

Discuss death with loved ones

Speaking your fears and other emotions is a powerful tool for healing and getting rid of them. Talk about your fears with a loved one you trust. Tell us about your feelings and associations with death. Try to speak / verbalize as much of what you really care about.


Verbalization of the emotional state always removes unnecessary tension and anxiety.
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Consult a psychologist

If you do not have the ability or desire to talk about death and your attitude towards it with your friends or relatives, then turning to a professional psychologist can help.

The psychologist will become the person who not only listens and understands your anxiety, but also helps to decide on the further algorithm of actions that will ultimately remove the intensity of emotions and change the attitude to the question.
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Live life to the fullest

Most people who suffer the fear of death, in fact, live very narrow and boring. The emergence of any existential issue (if it is not a period of age crisis) is often associated with living a monotonous, little-filled life.

Well, who wants to worry about death, if now a person has a million cases, and there are as many plans for tomorrow?

Ponder your life:

  • Do you really do what you want?
  • Do you like your life and home improvement?
  • How comfortable is communication with all your friends / relatives / loved ones?
  • Are you caring enough about your health and lifestyle?

beautiful-1274361_1280Answering these questions honestly, you can see the white spots in your life and fill them with new colors. Naturally, it is very difficult to change the circle of contacts in one day or move to another country for permanent residence, but it is quite possible to start a small tread in the right direction.


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