How to get rid of red face?

Causes of sudden reddening of the face may be different. Means to combat this unpleasant state should be selected after establishing the cause, otherwise, only masking will help. Therefore, before you learn how to get rid of red face, you need to understand what caused redness.

Redness of the skin - the result of the expansion of blood vessels on the face. With strong emotional states, for example, the blood rushes to the face, and it becomes red. But there are a number of other reasons for changing its color.

Possible causes of facial flushing

  • Presence of genetic propensity
  • Wrong skin care
  • Allergic reaction to cosmetics
  • Sensitive and inflammatory facial skin
  • Allergies to certain foods
  • Violation of regulation of vascular tone
  • Diseases of internal organs

The first reason can be attributed to cosmetic defects, since it cannot be completely eliminated and you can only resort to disguise. Such a red face is safe for health.For the remaining items, there are specific recommendations on how to remove the red face. For each of these reasons, there are provocative factors. If we exclude them, we can deal with the problem without special treatment. For example, exclusion from the diet of foods that cause allergies, leads to the disappearance of redness after a few days.

Red face: what to do?

If you notice a sudden reddening of the face, then try to establish the cause yourself.

  • Do not use cosmetics that could cause allergies. This includes creams, soaps, powder, etc. Poor-quality cosmetics can cause allergies and other adverse effects.
  • Remember if you did not make masks and peels that could damage the skin surface and cause redness. Components such as fruit and berry juice can cause a similar reaction. The same can be said about scrubs with hard particles.
  • If your skin is sensitive to inflammation, then redness may precede the appearance of acne and blackheads. In this case, use anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents.
  • Face reddening can provoke smoking and the use of alcohol. This also includes the use of coffee and spicy food. Limit the amount of these products in your diet or eliminate them altogether.
  • If you do not know what makes the face red and none of the above reasons are suitable, then the case may be in diseases of the internal organs. In this case, the advice of a specialist will help. Red skin of the face may indicate disorders in the circulatory system, diseases of the central nervous system, autonomic disorders.

If you do not cope with reddening of the skin of your face, then seek medical help.

What to avoid?

During the period of pronounced redness, avoid:

  • Paraffin masks
  • Steam baths
  • Active facial massage
  • Rubbing the face with a towel

How to reduce redness

If you do not know how to treat red face, then use the following tips. They will help reduce redness.

  • Use a special protective cream against wind and frost. It will protect the skin from adverse weather conditions in the winter.
  • In the summer, use a protective cream with a UV filter.They need to use before each exit to the street.
  • It is useful to make a soothing compress from the juice of aloe, especially since this plant is at home for many.
  • Regularly cleanse your skin with special antibacterial agents.
  • Include in the diet plenty of vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins C, P, K. Take walks in the fresh air and harden.
  • You can also mask the red with special greenish tones.

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