How to get rid of nausea after alcohol and hangover?

Jul 18, 2018

Hangover occurs after taking alcohol

A hangover is a syndrome that occurs when you consume alcohol.It comes in after a certain period, poisoning the body with half-lives.For each person, a hangover is individual and comes against the backdrop of different amounts of alcohol used.Each person has a "hangover" that requires treatment.


  • What are the types of hangovers?
  • Causes of hangover
  • Signs and symptoms of a hangover
  • Nausea as the main symptom of
  • What are the drugs for treating a hangover?
  • Medchronical as a modern drug against alcoholism

What are the types of hangovers?

A hangover syndrome that occurs on the background of drinking alcohol, occurs in most people after a large amount of alcohol consumed.It is a large volume of drunk - the main reason for the severity of poisoning.Often poisoning of this type can occur on the basis of mixing alcohol products.

People with a low drinking experience seldom have a hangover.Their liver completely copes with the load.But the more mixing of alcohol types, the higher the probability of a hangover.

There are 2 types of hangover syndrome:

  • Episodic hangover is a poisoning that occurs in healthy people;
  • Syndrome of a chronic alcoholic is an abstinence syndrome, which is observed in chronic alcoholics during the drinking season.

During normal poisoning, aversion to alcohol manifests itself.And with an abstinence syndrome, an alcoholic has a craving for drinking, a need to get into the body of alcohol to return to normal.This situation occurs against the background of a violation of the process of fermentation due to the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As alcohol begins to take a direct part in the metabolism, a physical dependence appears.

As a toxic poisoning, a hangover can lead to death if there is no treatment.Alcohol syndrome is a serious disease with severe consequences.

Poisoning of the liver is the basis of the hangover syndrome

Causes of hangover

The basis of the mechanism of hangover syndrome is liver poisoning.The cells of the organ can not process the large volume of ethyl added to the final products: carbon dioxide and water.In the body appears an intermediate substance - acetaldehyde.This is a dangerous substance.A hangover is a protective reaction to toxin poisoning.

In addition to poisoning, alcohol-containing drinks cause an accelerated release of urine, which leads to dehydration of the body.Loss of fluid begins with the first moment of drinking.

The following factors are the cause of the hangover:

  • Reducing blood sugar;
  • Expansion of the blood vessels of the head;
  • Dehydration of the body;
  • Violation of acid-base balance;
  • Nervous system disorder;
  • Loss of essential vitamins, minerals.
  • A hangover is not a disease, but a consequence of a disease.

Learn how to get rid of a hangover from this video.

Signs and symptoms of a hangover

There are a number of signs of a hangover syndrome arising on the background of alcoholism or alcohol poisoning.

Among them:

  • chills;
  • headache;
  • nausea, sometimes resulting in vomiting;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dry mouth;
  • increased thirst;
  • depression and apathy;
  • weakness in the whole body;
  • tremor;
  • increased sweating;
  • dizziness;
  • intermittent insomnia;
  • shortness of breath;
  • hallucinations;
  • aggressiveness.

The most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting after drinking alcohol.These signs of a hangover can lead to severe dehydration, weight loss, exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases.Against the background of vomiting, loss of appetite, intestinal distress, dysbiosis, increased pressure.

It is important to know about the methods of getting rid of nausea after a hangover

Nausea as the main symptom of

How to get rid of nausea after alcohol, drunk the day before in large quantities?The fight against this symptom during the hangover begins with an understanding of the root cause of the condition.

Nausea is a signal that substances have appeared in the digestive system that can cause a negative effect on the work of the organs.When the volume of alcohol exceeds the norm, the body tries to get rid of toxins by vomiting.In diseases of the stomach, vomiting manifests itself with small portions of alcohol that has entered the body.

There are several popular methods for getting rid of nausea during a hangover:

  • Calling for vomiting.This will purify the stomach of alcohol residues and products of its half-life.It can cause vomiting several glasses of warm water with a light solution of magnesium permanganate;
  • Admission of activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of human weight.Gradually, the nausea will recede;
  • 1 spoonful of fresh potato juice before meals will help calm nausea;
  • Strong vegetable teas based on chamomile and ginger are recommended for the removal of nausea and stabilization of the condition.Strong green tea can be used;
  • You can use medications, but only after consulting a doctor.

After normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and withdrawal of the vomiting reflex you can use folk recipes from a hangover.To do this, it is advisable to "cure" the cucumber pickle.It contains electrolytes and minerals necessary for saturation of the human body.

You can replace brine with soaked apples or sauerkraut.Serum and koumiss will be good.These products cause thirst, and high fluid intake will help to quickly remove toxins naturally.

You can not treat a hangover by taking another dose of alcohol.This will increase the amount of alcohol and the production of toxins.As a result, a short relief can be replaced by a deterioration in the condition or lead to drunkenness.

To remove intoxication there are a number of drugs

What are the drugs for treating a hangover?

For the removal of intoxication after a heavy intake of alcohol, there are medicines dispensed in pharmacies without prescriptions:

  • Zorex is a drug that binds and removes toxins based on unithiol and calcium pantothenate.Has hepatoprotective effect;
  • P-IKS 1 is based on dimercaprol, has a detoxification effect;
  • Limonar, consisting of active substances: citric and succinic acids.The drug enhances the respiration of cells, oxidizes alcohol;
  • Alka Seltzer is an analgesic with rheological effect, relieving pain syndrome and nausea;
  • Alka-Prim is an analgesic with a high content of glycine and acetylsalicylic acid;
  • Essentiale forte and Resolute will help protect the liver, relieve pain, restore the functionality of many organs;
  • Regidron is a remedy for recovery and rehydration in the body.Normalizes the water and alkaline balance;
  • Supradin, Celascon, Berroca - all these soluble effervescent complexes will increase the level of vitamins in the body.

There are biochemical treatment preparations with a high content of organic acids:

  • Antipohmelin is a mixture of acids that prevent the formation of acetaldehyde;
  • Bison - succinic acid;
  • Zelnak - based on medicinal herbs, prevents the oxidation of alcohol.

All these medicines can relieve the condition during a hangover.

Medochronal is used to relieve hangover syndrome

Medichronal as a modern drug against alcoholism

It is worthwhile singling out a drug for treatment of hangover syndrome - Medochronal.This is a detoxification medicine.It removes toxin from the body acetaldehyde.Prevents the formation of toxins.Medohronal is a pathogenetic medicine that eliminates the symptoms of hangover syndrome.This drug treats alcohol dependence.

As part of the drug, glucose and sodium formate, glycine and polyvinylpyrrolidone.Functionality of the drug is not inferior in effectiveness to the usual droppers.In parallel, Medohronal improves the working capacity of brain cells.It is able to normalize metabolic processes and prevent cravings for alcohol.The remedy protects the liver, improving the work of this organ.Medichronal is a kind of antidote.

The course of treatment with this drug is up to 7 days.The scheme of treatment can not be prescribed independently.In the instruction accompanying the preparation, there is a recommendation for use, where all methods and courses of application are indicated.

With special care, you should use a medicine for diabetes, hypotension and pregnancy.Do not use the medicine at the same time as other drugs of similar action.

The effectiveness of the Medochronal is individual: it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, the working capacity of the organism and the food used by the patient.

There are a number of analogs of Medochronal with similar medicamental action:

  • Acidui C;
  • Biotradin;
  • Proproten;
  • Esperal.

All these are modern and effective drugs in the treatment of alcohol dependence and withdrawal of hangover syndrome.The use of drugs without prescribing a doctor is fraught with peculiar and sad consequences.

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