How to get a state housing certificate?

The state housing certificate is a special type of bond. It certifies the right of a citizen to purchase an apartment. The nominal value is indexed. Consider next how to get a housing certificate.housing certificate

General information

The state housing certificate allows the subject to gradually save funds for the purchase of an apartment. By purchasing a bond, a citizen invests money in a certain area, but not less than 0.1 square meters. Over time, the housing certificate can be exchanged for an apartment of the appropriate size. If a citizen who has bonds refuses to buy real estate, he is entitled to compensation - the refund of the money invested is equivalent to the value of the paper. Payments are made in accordance with current prices for housing certificates. The issuance of bonds is carried out on voluntary participation in the Subprogramme.The price of the bond is determined in accordance with the cost of construction of real estate. In the course of changing this value is indexed. The implementation of the state housing certificate does not imply an expanded choice of real estate. Traditionally, the choice of objects is carried out from the municipal fund.

Participation in the Subprogramme

Subjects receive information about the conditions and give written consent to the certificate. In this case, they will no longer have the right to improve living conditions under other programs. This means that citizens are excluded from the waiting list. The grounds for the participation of subjects in the Sub-program are:

  1. Lack of space for permanent residence.
  2. Stay in a service apartment or a room in a dormitory in the absence of another place.
  3. Accommodation on the terms of commercial lease (sublease) in the room, which is the only object of residence.


Citizens who have:

  1. There is an individual house or a separate apartment.
  2. Reserved accommodation (landscaped and complying with the requirements).
  3. There was a dismissal from service of the Armed Forces and other military formations of the CIS countries after December 31, 1994. The exception is made by the states that have concluded and ratified the relevant bilateral agreements with the Russian Federation before December 31, 1999.
  4. Housing conditions have deteriorated as a result of the sale, barter, donation of the previously existing state. housing.

state housing certificate

Subjects, including members of the family of the needy, living with a soldier or a person dismissed from the service are not eligible to participate in the Subprogramme if they are building a house and receive (received) subsidies for this by the decision of an executive federal or local authority. Excluded from participation and those citizens who are members of the HBC and invested in the construction of funds allocated from the Fed. budget.

The package of documents for inclusion in the queue

The housing certificate for large families and other needy categories is issued upon presentation of the following papers:

  • Applicant's passports
  • Sv-va marriage.
  • Documents certifying the need to improve living conditions.
  • Birth certificates of children.
  • Certificates of a large family.
  • Documents proving low income.

Housing certificate for displaced persons is issued upon presentation of an additional corresponding certificate by them. All categories of citizens in need must write a statement. The authorized body may request other documents.

Cost calculation

The size of the subsidy is determined in accordance with the social norm of the total area of ​​the room, which is established for families of different composition, the number of members and the average market price per 1 sq. M. The standard cost per square meter, which is used in calculating the amount specified in the housing certificate, is formed every six months by the Ministry of Energy and Industry. The determination is carried out according to the established methodology and taking into account the information collected by the Federal State Statistics Service and the executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The calculation of the amount of the grant is made on the date of issuance of the bond by the authorized structure. The amount is indicated in the housing certificate and is unchanged for the entire paper validity period.certificate for home improvement

Providing housing certificates

The participant of the Subprogramme shall submit a package of documents to the authorized body.The list of required papers is approved by Government Decree No. 522 of October 7, 2004. If the part of the required documents is not transferred or presented, only the application for a housing certificate will be refused. The citizen, whose application was granted, needs to check the exact correspondence of the information present in the bond to the actual information (paper issue date, passport data, etc.). After the housing certificate is on hand, the citizen should immediately begin to search for real estate. It should be remembered that the period during which the paper is valid is 9 months. from the date of discharge. The extension of this period the subprogram does not provide. Subjects may use the right to a grant for the purchase of real estate only once.

Bond Features

Housing certificate has its own specifics. It is expressed in the following:

  1. The grant is gratuitous,that is, there is no need to return it.
  2. Target nature of funds.The amount specified in the housing certificate may be spent solely on the purchase of housing.
  3. You can not cash out. The grant exists only as a certificate. So the state insures funds, provides a guarantee that they will not be spent on other needs.
  4. Limited period of validity.If within the prescribed nine months. the apartment will not be bought, the certificate will cease to operate. In this case, you will have to apply again and other documents, wait for the queue.
  5. The amount of the grant can cover only a certain part of the value of the property.When purchasing an apartment, own funds are also required.
  6. Purchased object should not be pledged, under arrest and have other burdens.
  7. After the acquisition, the object should be transferred to the shared ownership of family members within six months.housing certificate for immigrants

Regional laws may provide additional terms. For example, the administration of the subject can determine what kind of housing a citizen has the right to purchase in a new building, on the secondary market, or in a house under construction.


Quite often there are situations when the family has a certificate, but does not have its own funds, and the amount of the subsidy is not enough to buy.In this case, the owner of the bond may apply to the bank. Mortgage lending is carried out in such cases on favorable terms. In particular, for large families are provided:

  • Reduced rate.
  • Ability to attract relatives as guarantors.
  • No commissions.
  • The possibility not to make a down payment.
  • Deferment of payment.
  • Increased crediting period (up to 30 years).

Often the family owns not only the housing certificate, but also the parent capital. These tools can be combined in various ways. For example, maternity capital may be used to make a down payment when you make a mortgage. Housing certificate can be used to repay the principal. You can also arrange a mortgage without a fee, and funds from these two sources to send a loan.housing certificate for large families

Required documents when buying an apartment

To conclude a contract of sale, you must have the following papers:

  1. Certifying the identity of the certificate holder and his family members who have reached the age of majority (with their personal presence), the presence of residence permit at the place of residence.
  2. Sv-va on registration of marriage, birth of children, certificate of housing and communal services or military unit on the presence of dependent persons, on the joint management of the economy, etc.
  3. For the conclusion of the transaction of sale in the absence of adult relatives or minor children 14-18 l. from them are presented powers of attorney (notarized) to sign the relevant contract, its registration.
  4. In the presence of minors - a written consent from their parents for the purchase of real estate, notarized.

Depending on the region, other documents may be required.

Apartment purchase scheme

Acquisition of real estate includes several stages. First of all, a housing certificate for large families and others in need requires opening a bank account. It may be registered in another subject of the country indicated in the bond. When opening an account, a card with a sample of the manager's list is filled.provision of housing certificates

Search for options

You can buy an apartment by certificate in the secondary or primary market. The seller may be a citizen or organization. The purchased housing must meet the established technical and sanitary requirements. It should be landscaped in accordance with the rules of the settlement.The total area per participant of the Subprogramme, which was taken into account when calculating the grant, may not be less than the standards established by the executive body of the subject. The purchased apartment is issued in the share ownership. The subroutine allows the purchase of only those objects for which you can immediately register the right. This is important if the family decides to buy an apartment in a new building. Here it should be noted that a certain period passes from the moment of acceptance of the building to the registration of the object as a property.


Experts recommend checking the observance of property rights of limited and completely incapacitated persons, minor children of the owner. The seller must provide documents of title to the apartment. The object must be "legally clean". The concluded contract must be certified by a notary. When making it, you should take into account bank requirements for payment. If the value of the object exceeds the amount specified in the certificate, the contract must establish the order in which the missing funds will be paid.In addition, the document should contain a clause stating that payment will be made by transferring money from one account to another. Registration of the contract must be made no later than one month from the date of filing the application and the necessary papers. In cases stipulated by law, this period may be extended.implementation of the state housing certificate

Important point

A citizen can make a sales contract independently. However, you should be aware that the authorized body may refuse to register it. Moreover, if the contract is registered, there is no guarantee that the banking organization will pay for it. This is due to the fact that a financial company can make its own requirements for such documents. In this regard, you must first know all the requirements and draw up a contract accordingly.


Funds from the account of the certificate holder must be transferred in a cashless form within ten days from the date the bank accepts the contract for payment. If the cost of an apartment is more than a subsidy, the citizen presents a document certifying the crediting of the buyer's own funds.The banking organization is obliged to check the availability of this paper.


The programs developed at the government level to help the needy categories of citizens offer various possibilities for improving housing conditions. Funds allocated from the budget are earmarked. They can not be cashed, but can be listed. At the same time, banking structures formulate a number of requirements for transactions. As practice shows, there are no difficulties with the registration of housing certificates for citizens. The package of documents, however, must contain papers confirming the fact that the subject is in need of assistance from the state. The calculation of the amount of subsidies is carried out in fact and depends on the number of family members, income, cost per square meter of housing on the market. Banking organizations, in turn, offer favorable conditions for mortgage lending for certificate holders. Persons who take advantage of assistance from the state in this form should remember the time limits set for the transaction. In order to avoid repeated passage of instances and the collection of documents, experts recommend finding an object for purchase in advance.

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