How to eat quail eggs?

Quail eggs is one of the most valuabledietary products. Their weight reaches no more than twelve grams. Let's examine in this article how to eat quail eggs and what are their useful properties.

You've probably seen quail eggs, they havevery thin shell and a variety of colors. As for the composition of this delicacy, in one such egg there are much more biologically active substances than in the egg of any other bird. And as it is much tastier.

How to eat quail eggs

  • These eggs are excellent for cookinga variety of dishes. Eggs can be boiled, baked, pickled. Mayonnaise, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, as decorations for any other hot dishes or salads. For all these options are perfect not only chicken, but quail eggs. There are also raw ones that are quite real. It should be noted that the greatest benefit to your body will bring just raw quail eggs. They should be consumed thirty minutes before meals and washed down with water or juice. It will be much more useful to use systematically for several months. Only in this case you can see their beneficial effect on your entire body.
  • If eating eggs in raw form is a problem for you, then you can add them to mashed potatoes, porridge or soup. You can just as quickly create an egg fried egg.
  • But, it is important to know that at high temperatures, within fifteen minutes, all the vitamins will break down.

Standards of eating quail eggs

At different ages, you can eat a different number of eggs.

  • From year to three years - 1-2 eggs a day,
  • From three to ten years - 3 eggs,
  • From ten to eighteen years old - 4 eggs,
  • From eighteen to fifty-six eggs,
  • Older than fifty - 5 eggs.

If you decide to take theyour health, then try to eat not only the inner contents of the egg, but also its shell. After all, the most interesting thing is that the most benefit is in this very shell. To facilitate the process of consumption, you need to prepare powder from it. Before proceeding, wash the egg well, then wipe off, remove the film, which will be attached to the shell from the inside and only, then grind the shell in a mortar or in a coffee grinder.

By ingesting the obtained powder, you will strengthen your immune system, restore vitality and improve the overall condition, thanks to vitamins.

Now you know how useful quail eggs,how many there is a given delicacy and in what form. This will allow you to nourish your body with the necessary vitamins contained in this product, in the right amount. We wish you good luck and health.

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