How to easily make a horse out of clay?

Horses are very interesting and loved by many animals. In this article you will find several options on how to gradually make a horse out of clay. Methods of modeling will be of different levels of complexity, the first two are simple, the latter is a bit more complicated. If you are thinking about how to make a horse out of clay, then this article is for you.

Preparatory stage

In order to learn how to make a horse from clay, you need to be patient and some materials:

  • Plasticine of various colors (no need to get too carried away and forget about realism).
  • Stack.
  • Rug for sculpting.

If you want to make a simple horse, then that's all you need. For more complex shapes, you will need matches / toothpicks or wires to make a frame for the future of the body.

First way

It is very simple to blind a horse from plasticine:

  1. Roll two small balls of plasticine of the color you want. One should be slightly smaller than the other. Connect them together, smoothing the transition.The blank for the head is ready.
  2. Roll out thin layers of white and black, cut small circles out of them - these are eyes. From the same color that was used in the last step, make triangular ears. Remember to cut the nostrils.
  3. From a large piece of plasticine of the main color, make an oblong oval - the horse's body. On one side stick a toothpick / matchstick. Wrap it in clay. Near his body should be a little more than the top. Attach the finished head to the resulting neck.
  4. Roll up one short black cylinder and four identical cylinders of the main shade. Cut the black cylinder into four identical pieces and stick one to each leg. The bottom of the notch to mark the claws. Attach the legs to the body.
  5. From lighter plasticine make thin flagella, overlap them along the entire length of the neck. From them make a magnificent tail.

The horse is ready!

how to make a horse from plasticine

Second way

There is another option, how to make a horse out of plasticine. You can use brown and white colors.

  • Roll a ball of white clay and stretch it a little - this is a blank for the head.
  • Mold the crescent, cut the bulge from the bottom.
  • Mold four identical cones of white color, make as many small brown balls. Flatten them and stick them to the hoof-shaped cones.
  • Sculpt the oval body and slightly bend it in the middle.

Moving on to build a horse:

  • Stick the legs to the body, attach the head to the thin part of the crescent. The resulting design stick to the calf. Smooth the transitions and make sure that the animal is firmly on its feet.
  • Roll thin sausages. From them collect a tail and a mane, do not forget about a bang.
  • Mold the eyes of black and white clay, make triangular ears and cut the nostrils.
  • Decorate it at will, make a saddle or bow, or leave it as it is.
plasticine horse step by step

Third way

This method will answer the question of how to blind a horse from sculptural clay.

  • A large ball of clay split in half. From each half, roll equal sausages that need to be cut into six equal pieces. One of the received parts divide into two.
  • Let us determine for which part of the body how many pieces of clay: one for each leg, four for the calf, one for the mane, one for the tail, half for the head and a half for the neck.
  • Roll a ball out of a piece for the head and pull it slightly.
  • Form a wide, slightly pointed crescent of neck pieces.
  • Roll four pieces into long legs, they should resemble a cylinder (they should be already at the bottom).
  • Roll the body pieces together and make a thick roller.
  • Connect all parts together, smooth all joints and irregularities.
  • From the remaining parts blind ears, tail and mane. Attach them to the body, cover the seams and work with the stack.
  • Give the horse any position.
Horse from sculptural clay

Even if you are not very confident in handling clay, it is easy to mold a horse. Based on the pictures and detailed instructions, you can quickly build a fun horse.

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