How to draw a book?

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How to draw a book?

How often we want to learn how to draw. But even the most detailed lesson does not help us sometimes. All because we need practice, and you can practice a lot in drawing individual elements: leaves, small ships, books ...

Let me tell you how to draw a book in pencil, it will take you, perhaps, two minutes from strength. Yes, it is so easy, but, nevertheless, it will give an opportunity to practice.

  1. Let's start. The first step is to draw a line. The line is tilted to the left. This line will be the place where the pages of the book are glued together, or by turning. Immediately let's specify the form of the cover with the pages. We make two, slightly curved lines from the bottom of the turn (from below). Two, and they are curved, because our book will be open. You can draw one line longer than the other. We draw the same two lines from above. Now connect the ends of the curved lines (upper and lower). We got almost the whole book, now let's finalize it.
  2. The second step. Add the volume of the picture. Let's start from the bottom. From the left and the right edges (from the corners) draw lines down, the length of these lines will create the thickness of the book, so if you want to draw a thick book, then draw these lines longer, but I recommend that you do not do it - everything has limit. So, small lines are the best option. From the turn, we also start a line and connect all our lines with the same lines as our pages. From the left-upper corner of the drawing we also lower the line (this is the same thickness of our book) and connect it to the left-bottom line.

That's all! In principle, our book is ready. It remains only to detail it. On our pages you can draw pictures or write something. Details the places where the pages lie on top of each other. If you are interested in how to draw a red book, then just paint the cover, for example.

This concludes this lesson. Now you know how to draw a book!

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