How to draw a bee?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 13, 2013
How to draw a bee?

Easy to be an artist. He wanted to, he painted the house, he wanted to, he painted a fairy-tale forest, and even better a huge clearing of colorful flowers above which shaggy bees circle. But what about those who are not very good at drawing, how to draw a bee?

We draw a bee in stages

First you need to decide on the size of the bee and its place on your picture. After that, proceed to drawing. The sketches are first drawn with a pencil, namely light lines, so that in case of an error, everything can be corrected. First we draw a small oval, then a circle a little more and then an elongated back part of the bee. After that, we improve the drawing: we draw out the bee's muzzle and draw the horns. This process will be easy if you know how to draw a bee in stages. Next, we depict the eye and nose. The next step is to draw the front legs. Do not forget that they are slightly shaggy. The main detail of this picture is the wings. Next you should add a little furry body of our bee.Then you need to add a few lines on the wings, so that they look like real ones and go to the drawing of the hind legs. After that, stripes should be applied to the back. To complete the drawing, it remains only to apply paint that matches the color of the bee.

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