How to determine the days of ovulation

What is ovulation, today knows practicallyevery woman. In general, this process is characterized by the release of an already ready for fertilization female egg from the so-called ovarian follicle directly into the abdominal cavity. Each woman, whose age is more than fourteen years, ovulation occurs on a regular basis. Its frequency depends directly on several factors. First, it is the physiological characteristics of a representative of the weak half of humanity. Secondly, the age of a woman, about which it has already been said above, is of great importance. The older she is, the more often ovulation occurs. In addition, the presence of diseases of the hormonal and reproductive system also affect the frequency of ovulation. Most often this process occurs every twenty-two to thirty-five days. In some women this time decreases or vice versa - it increases. All this is regulated by a special mechanism, which experts call neurohumoral. Each girl develops a rhythm of this ovulation, which can change after abortion, childbirth or after menopause. Ovulation stops if the woman is pregnant or has passed the threshold of childbearing age, that is, she is over forty-five to fifty years old, approximately. In order to set the days of ovulation, you need to know a few basic rules.

In fact, women are oftenturn to their gynecologist with the question of how to calculate the day of ovulation more accurately. In fact, it's not difficult to do it yourself at home. Nowadays, there are many ways in which any woman can easily determine the days of ovulation. For example, the first method is to measure the basal temperature throughout the menstrual cycle. What it is? Basal temperature is the value of body temperature, which is measured in the oral cavity or vaginally. At the same time, it is necessary to engage in such actions only in the morning at the same time. A woman can not get out of bed, eat or drink before the temperature is measured. The received values ​​are written down, the schedule is made. The closer to the day of ovulation, the higher the basal temperature. Immediately at a time when this process still occurred, the temperature rises to thirty-seven to thirty-seven and five degrees. The next day after ovulation this value will decrease sharply. Basically, the period of the mature cell exit from the ovary in most women occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. However, this does not mean that you do not need to calculate the days of ovulation.

How to know the day of ovulation, if not to usein this manner? In each pharmacy you can buy a special test, which consists of five test strips. Approximately in the middle of your cycle, you need to do this test within five days. As a result, on one of the strips there will be two brightest lines of red or blue color, it all depends on the manufacturer. This will be the days of ovulation. The cost of the test varies in different regions. On average, the price for such a test is about one hundred to two hundred rubles.

The days of ovulation can be determined with the help ofgynecologist. A specialist will help to calculate this period accurately. At the same time, it will be based not only on laboratory research, but also on the results of the examination of the uterus. The fact is that on the day of ovulation a special mucus is released, in which there are sometimes impurities of blood. With the help of a doctor, any woman will be able to find out when, in her case, the period of release of a ready-to-fertilize and mature egg begins. Thus, of course, it is best to calculate the days of ovulation with your doctor. This is the most convenient and reliable way of all that was described in our article.

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