How to crochet a vest?

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How to crochet a vest?

If you have free time, you can spend it on knitting, you can please your loved ones with new stylish things, connected by your hands. In this article we will talk about how to crochet a waistcoat. A video about this process is on You Tube.

Models, which are discussed now are not very complex. They can even beginners who do not know this knitting technique very well. These recommendations will help you understand and how to crochet a children's vest.

Model One

  • The loops located before the repeat are tied, then the repeat of the repeat for each row is repeated until 20 rows are knitted.
  • Vest fits openwork, so the density of knitting should not be large. It should be something like this: the square of a knitting fragment, the side of which ten centimeters has 8 rows of 14 loops.
  • The order of knitting is as follows. First of all, a single chain of 136 air loops is knitted, then the mating will be continued with an openwork pattern.
  • When it is knitted 36 cm from the typesetting edge, the loops begin to be distributed in the following way: 68 loops will be retracted on the back, 34 loops on the shelves on 2 sides. Then each part will be knit separately. The total distance should be 59 cm between the edge and the knitting end point.
  • Next, shoulder seams are made. The neckline and the edges of the shelves must be tied with 8 rows of loops. It must be double crochets. Armholes are tied with one row of loops. These loops are a single crochet. Then another row of loops rachy step.

Model Two

The next option is how to crochet a vest. It is also available for beginner knitters. The name of her "Winter Flower".

  • It will take 100% - naya wool. Better on the reel, not on the coil. Wool weight - 200g. Hook number 2.
  • Begins knitting vest bottom. Next, knitting is carried out in a circle, it avoids the side seams.
  • Need to dial 168 air loops. This will correspond to 12 rapports.
  • After the required number of loops has been gathered, the chain must be closed in a circle.
  • Next, knitting continues up the circle. At the same time, a pattern is created on the "body" of the vest. This is a flower.
  • After the 6 rapports of the pattern shown in the diagram will be tied in height, the thread should be cut off. This is the basis of the vest.
  • Then crochet knit 2 rectangles. These will be the straps. They are knitted with loops “single crochet”. Their width and length are determined arbitrarily, depending on height.
  • Straps to the vest need to sew. The opening and the neckline are tied around in a circle with one row of columns without a nakida.
  • This vest is also ready.

Model Three

Now we will tell how to crochet a vest for a girl. It is quite original and has an unusual cut. Need wool blend, 250g, and hook number 4.

The peculiarity of this vest is that it is a single cut.

  • Knitting starts from the bottom of the back. Initially 44cm fit right.
  • Next, the shelves are made separately by 16cm. The distance between them will be 18cm. The flat part of the shelves should be 16 cm in length. After the total length of the product reaches 60cm, rounding is performed.
  • In each row, for this you need to reduce the number of loops, while tying two unfinished loops of crochets with a first loop.
  • On the other side of the row do the reverse operation. Where in the previous row there was one double crochet, you need to make 2 such loops.
  • When 95 cm of the total knitting height is reached, the thread should be cut off.
  • Now absolutely all edges need to be tied in two rows.
  • With the help of 1-2 rows of air loops in the lower corners of the shelves are made on the 1st loop for buttons. They are sewn on the back, to the corners.

Schemes for the models described above can be found on the website

In the article we told how to crochet vests. Try this activity, it is very exciting.

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