How to connect a wired Internet?

Today we can use a wide variety ofmethods and methods of connection to the Internet: mobile, satellite, wireless network in the metro, as well as wired fiber optic Internet. But of all types of connection it is the wired Internet that is still considered to be the most stable and fastest. Therefore, many people connect the wired Internet at home, so as not to be dependent on the coverage area, obstacles and congestion of wireless networks.

However, not every new user knows how to connect a wired Internet independently. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Wired internet connection

There are several options for wired internet connection in your apartment:

  • Internet via telephone line.
  • Internet over fiber.

Let's consider each separately.

Telephone connection

To connect the Internet on the phoneline, do not need to pull the wires through the entire apartment. It is enough just to find out if your telephone operator provides Internet services. If so, you need to connect it:

  1. Connect the Internet service from the telephone provider.
  2. Buy a special divider that will divide the telephone line into the phone and the Internet.
  3. Buy a modem or router. Here it is important to understand that it is necessary to have an ADSL modem or router, because only they have the required input for the telephone wire.
  4. Connect the wire to the modem or router from the distributor, then connect the computer to the modem or router and configure the connection.
  5. Check the availability of the Internet on the device.

Connection over the telephone line can make andmaster from the provider of your phone. Also, he can provide all the necessary equipment for rent or sell. However, such Internet will depend on the equipment of your provider. If the equipment is bad, then the data transfer rate will be low.

Optical fiber connection

Fiber-optic Internet is considered today the mostreliable and fast internet. Very rare cases of technical problems, and the data transfer rate surpasses any other type of Internet and depends only on the selected tariff. Often even this type of Internet is also cheaper than any other. To connect to such a wired internet, you need:

  1. Choose a suitable provider that canconnect the internet to your home. It is worth to take seriously the choice of the provider, because if he has a lot of negative reviews, then, probably, you will also have some problems with the Internet after connection. Among other things, it is always worthwhile to look closely at the tariffs and shares offered by the provider.
  2. Having chosen a provider, you need to call the company andleave a request for Internet connection. Independently to stretch the fiber around the house at you it does not turn out, therefore it is necessary to agree with the master and to choose a convenient time for its work.
  3. After wiring the fiber, you can continue to operate independently, but the wizard can help to conduct a wire through the apartment and connect to a computer.
  4. If you are going to connect other devicesbesides the computer. buy a router or rent from your ISP. If not, you can simply plug the fiber optic cable into the computer and use the Internet.

This Internet is reliable and fast, but you will have to wire through the apartment and hide it so that it does not interfere.

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