How to choose flippers for swimming: step by step instructions

To date, the market offers a large assortment of flippers for swimming. From the purpose of use depends on what material they will be made, and, accordingly, the cost of inventory. What is this sport equipment for (flippers, mask, snorkel)? What is worth choosing?

flippers and masks for swimming

Advantages of using flippers for swimming

Flippers for swimming are necessary for those who want to master the skill easier and faster. The use of this sports equipment will allow:

  • master the proper swimming technique or improve existing skills;
  • to work out the correct position of the body in water (after all, it is not easy to explain, especially to a child);
  • learn wave-like movements in dolphin and breaststroke styles;
  • avoid excessive bending of the legs at the knee in the process of swimming;
  • to work out the power and technique of hitting the feet in the pool;
  • increase the flexibility of the feet and joints, strengthen muscles;
  • increase overall endurance, strength;
  • increase the speed of movement in the water.

flippers for swimmingSwim fins depending on the destination

For diving and training technique swimmer in the pool, for children or swimming without scuba gear will need a variety of sports equipment. A beginner is not so easy to understand the types of flippers, but the convenience and the life of the product depend on the right choice. Flippers for swimming can be for the pool, diving, children.

Diving fins

Flippers for diving have good maneuverability, help to maintain strength when traveling long distances with equipment. For scuba diving, depending on the training of the swimmer, two types of equipment are used:

  • products with an open heel and a hard shoe that are worn over the bot of neoprene make scuba diving in flippers more speedy;
  • models with a wide plastic fin and a rubber shoe - a budget option.

To swim without scuba, this equipment has good speed characteristics, but inferior in maneuverability. Such flippers are a rubber galosh with a long and narrow fin. Speed ​​possibilities depend on fin length.

Swimming fins for swimming

There are several types of flippers used in the pool:

  1. Flippers with an adjustable open heel (used with or without a shoe) are considered the most practical. Due to the possibility of adjusting the size, they can be used by several people.
  2. Inventory with a closed heel - a great solution for lovers of diving from high ground. Such flippers are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the universal equipment will become if the swimmer combines swimming to hold his breath or with equipment.
  3. Flexible, wide, composite rubber-plastic flippers allow the legs to get less tired. Products from thermoplastic diversify the color palette and reduce the cost of inventory.
  4. Short flippers are used to improve the technique of the swimmer. Such equipment can be made of plastic (used, as a rule, for swimming at a shallow depth) or of rubber (for working out sharp maneuvers).
  5. Long, narrow flippers - suitable for speed lovers.
  6. Flippers with a forked blade make movements of the leg muscles natural, like when walking. Such equipment allows you to make less effort during the stroke and easier to maneuver.
  7. Monofineries (like fishtail) help to improve technique and strengthen the muscles of the body, however, beginner swimmers will need the help of an instructor in mastering monofin. Mostly such equipment is used in freediving. Monofin are: classic; hyperfins (have stiffeners on the plate, wings and edges, the plate is also attached to the galoshes at a certain angle); flyers (a transitional model between the classic and hyperfin, have an increased level of rigidity, but there is no angle between the galoshes and the plate).

swimming fins

Children's flippers for swimming

Children's flippers are distinguished in a separate category. In order to reduce the load on children's feet, they use fairly soft products made from environmentally friendly materials. This allows novice swimmers to tire less. Children's flippers are divided into the same models as adults, but products with an open heel will “grow” with the child.

Selection of the optimal size of flippers

The main condition for choosing such sports equipment is comfort and convenience. It is advisable before buying carefully measure flippers for swimming and spend at least 10 minutes in them.Any compression is a violation of blood circulation, which threatens with convulsions, and on the water can be life-threatening. Therefore, you should choose the size of the product one more than the size of the foot.


When choosing a size for such sports equipment without a backdrop, you need to remember to consider the possible use of the bot.

Features of the choice of flippers for a child

When choosing a flipper, your child should pay attention to sports equipment from environmentally friendly hypoallergenic materials of good quality. To reduce the likelihood of injury, use models that tightly wrap around the foot and perfectly hold the heel. The most popular flippers are short rectangular specimens with a closed heel. Beginner swimmers need elastic rubber flippers to reduce the load on children's joints. But if long-term use is expected, then attention should be paid to flippers with the possibility of changing the size of galoshes.flippers mask snorkel for swimming

How to wear flippers

In order not to experience difficulties in putting on flippers, you should know how to do it correctly.

  1. To facilitate the process of shoeing and reduce the degree of friction, you must first rinse the flippers with water.
  2. If bots are used, they must first be wetted.
  3. If the flippers have an adjustable strap, it should be loosened and fixed on the leg.
  4. To put on flippers with closed backs you need a little skill. The heel bends under the sole, then you need to push the toe, pulling the heel off - the leg inside. After the need to return the backdrop in place.

Basic rules for the care of flippers

Sports equipment (flippers and masks for swimming, as well as other products) will please the owner for a long time subject to the following simple rules of operation:

  • after use, all rubber elements need to be washed and dried;
  • flippers should not be stored or dried near heating devices;
  • you can not bend the flippers and put on them other objects during storage (ideally, a separate hook on the wall);
  • during prolonged storage it is necessary to remove the straps from the clips.

Flippers that are properly operated will last for many years.

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