How to choose a shower?

After a hard day's work, it's so nice to wash offyourself sweat and fatigue, to prepare for a quiet rest in the evening. Until recently, it would take a whole bath to prepare for this, but now the situation has changed: the shower increases its position more and more.

Its advantages are obvious: the total area of ​​the construction is 2 times smaller than that of the bath, in addition, it allows you to quickly and easily change the temperature of the water, but how to choose a shower and not get lost among a huge range of similar products?

Modern devices can provideholding a steam bath and aromatherapy, equipped with a built-in radio and well delay the noise of water. One of their features is the built-in hydro-massage system, which is a mandatory attribute for any manufacturer. Only the execution is varied: it can be a simple enough design from several nozzles or a complex product including the possibility of working with the neck or for a sitting position.

The most optimal is the system, which not only performs all the necessary tasks, but also has the maximum rotation angles of the hydromassage jets.

How to choose the right shower cabin

You need to determine what you need - a full system or a small corner, finished with tiles. The second option is often preferred by the owners of a fairly modest bathroom.

The shower corner is simple enough: this is the corner of the bathroom, which was properly waterproofed, after which a pallet and a drain of water are installed there. At the final stage, the doors are mounted.


When asked how to choose the right shower cabin,you can not answer without telling about its walls. Without a pallet, you can do without, and the walls can have a different design and are made of glass or acrylic:

  • The shockproof glass is quite strong and reliable material, it is environmentally friendly and will not change its properties even after tens of years.
  • Plastic - it will cost less than glass, andit can be transparent matt or covered with a pattern. Its minus is the tendency to cloud and change the natural color, and it gets dirty faster. But the strength characteristics of the material is not inferior to the silicate counterpart.

Depending on the operating conditions andThe layout of the room can be used sliding or swing doors. In the first case, the wall will consist of several moving segments, which will be retracted on hooks or rollers. They perfectly save space and are easy to use. Before choosing a shower enclosure with swinging doors, it is necessary to correctly estimate the amount of free space, since sometimes such constructions will be inconvenient, to put it mildly.


The floor for the cabin is a separate story. It must satisfy a number of conditions: be strong, warm and not slip. It is the configuration of the pallet that determines the final form of the cabin: a rectangle, a square, a sector, or something creative, such as a spiral. However, in the latter case, there is no point in talking about any space savings.

We produce pallets made of acrylic, ceramic, steel or enamelled cast iron, and also quark.


Selecting suitable stacks and a pallet should take care of the water supply system. First of all, it includes a wall-mounted mixer. It's best to use German brands:

  • Hansgrohe
  • Dorn Bracht
  • Grohe

The products of these companies have not only a high operating life, but also are equipped with systems that allow to save water, by using an aerator the jet is mixed with air.

Instead of a standard hydromassage panel, you canorder and individual. Many firms create special designers that quickly turn from a set of nozzles, hoses and electronics into a functioning system.

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