How to choose a home dressing gown?

A homemade gown is one of the most popular andcomfortable types of women's clothing. Correctly selected material, style convenience, nice design, beautiful coloring - considering all these moments, you can pick up one or two good things that will cope with their functions and will emphasize your beauty in your home environment. If the style and colors are a matter of individual choice, then relative to the materials of the products, general recommendations can be given that will be useful to all.

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What material is better for a bathrobe?

Home clothes are mainly made from different types of knitwear: they are comfortable and diverse fabrics, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. Velours. Soft and soft, but at the same time, it is quite strong and practical material. Velor absorbs moisture well, keeps warm, gives a feeling of comfort, so this is one of the best options after a bath, hot bath or shower. Clothing made of high quality velor sits well on the figure, keeps its shape for a long time, does not require complex care, does not stretch and does not shed after several washings.
  2. Kulirka. A thin fabric based on cotton, eco-friendly, smooth and hypoallergenic, perfectly stretches, slightly wrinkles. The disadvantage is that it can quickly land, but with proper care it will retain its original form for a long time. It is better to choose clothing for hot summer days - it will make you feel comfortable in the warm season.
  3. Interlock. Natural, has a high density, is made of 100% cotton. On the front and back sides it is silky and smooth, also differs hygroscopicity, hypoallergenic, wear resistance and good thermal insulation. One of the most suitable fabrics for everyday gowns, where you can do household chores or relax.
  4. Viscose. Soft, ecological, pleasant, moderately thick, has a high hygroscopicity and can absorb a large amount of moisture. It is more preferable to choose viscose in a mixture with reinforcing materials, since without additional fibers it loses its strength. Good for clothes in the off-season.
  5. Mahra. Soft, warm and thick material is ideal for cold days: after a hot bath or shower, it will retain heat for a long time, and after a cold day outside the house it will be pleasant to wrap yourself in a cozy home thing that will quickly warm and relax.
  6. Butter. Strong and fairly heavy fabric, which is a mixture of viscose and polyester. Performs all the basic functions of knitted fabrics, does not crinkle or burn out, but can cause allergies, so people with sensitive skin should not wear it. Such material is more suitable for beautiful festive dresses, but if you are interested in the aesthetic side of home clothes, for special occasions you can get an exquisite dressing gown from quality oil.

All materials differ in their composition andfunctions, so for different situations different things can be useful. Determine for yourself what is important to you at home, and then you will be able to purchase what is most suitable for you.

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