How to change the encoding?

Files and documents created on a computer always have their own encoding. It often happens that when exchanging files or downloading them from the Internet, the encoding in which they are created is not readable by our computer. The reasons for this may be different - both the absence of the necessary encoding in the program with which we want to open the file, and simply the absence of some program components (an additional font package, for example).

Below we consider how to change the encoding of an unreadable file or document in different programs.

Change the encoding on the browser page

For Google Chrome

  1. Select the menu "Settings" → "Tools".
  2. The string "Encoding" - we hover the mouse, and a list of possible encodings in the browser appears.
  3. We select for the Russian sites "Windows 1251". If it doesn't help, try “Automatically”.

For Opera

  1. Click "Opera" → "Settings"
  2. “Sites” menu on the left → Display 2 field → Customize fonts
  3. In the "Encoding" field, select "Cyrillic (Windows 1251)".

For firefox

  1. Firefox → Settings → Content.
  2. Opposite the line "Default font" press the "Advanced" button.
  3. At the bottom of the window, select "Encoding" & rarr "Cyrillic (Windows 1251)".

Change encoding in Word

Consider the procedure for changing the encoding on the example of Word 2010

  1. Open the document.
  2. File tab → Parameters.
  3. Select the line "Advanced". In the “General” section, opposite the “Confirm file format conversion upon opening” line, check the box. Click OK.
  4. Next, the "File Conversion" window will open. Select "Coded text", click OK.
  5. Next, in the window that opens, check “Other” and select the encoding from the list, which will display the required text. In the “Sample” window you can see how the text is displayed in one or another encoding that we have chosen.

If the procedure passed did not help to display the document, you can try changing the font. Sometimes a document may be displayed in the form of "squares" or other characters if the program does not have a corresponding font.

Change Encoding in Excel

Consider the procedure for changing the encoding for Excel 93-2004 and 2007:

  1. Open an unreadable document using Notepad ++.
  2. Select the Encoding menu → Convert to UTF-8.
  3. The characters will not change, only the encoding at the bottom of the screen will change. Next, select the character set.If it is Russian: Encoding → Character sets → Cyrillic → Windows-1251.
  4. Click "Save". Open the file in Excel. If the text is not readable, try to repeat steps 3-4.

Change text encoding

  1. Open the file in the standard Notepad text processor.
  2. Click "Save As".
  3. In the save window that opens, select the place where we want to save the file, the document type is a text one, and also set a different type of encoding.
  4. Save.
  5. We try to open the document.

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