How much to cook pork tongue? How long do boil the pork tongue until ready

how much to cook pork tongue

Right choice

Such a product as a language can rightly be considered a delicacy. And the reason here is not that it is some kind of rarity. Language is valued mainly for its beneficial properties, which can not be ignored. For a start it is worth mentioning that it contains a huge amount of vitamins, iron and minerals. Such a rich composition is especially useful for people with a weakened body. He is advised to eat in children and pregnant women. The rare qualities of this meat product are able to support any weakened organism or to restore the strength of a person who has undergone a severe operation. Before you deal with how much boil the pork tongue, you need to first select and buy it. Do not chase for large sizes. Value is not a sign of quality. If the product is large, it is likely that he once belonged to an adult animal.In this case, it will have to cook much longer, and the nutrients in the finished product will remain very little. It would be better to choose a smaller instance. It will cook faster, and the taste will be more tender and soft.

Cooking methods

Getting started, you need to know that there are two options for cooking this product. In principle, they are very similar. The essential difference here is not how much boil the pig language, but how this process begins. In the first case, the meat is put in hot water. Then it will need to boil a little (10-15 minutes), change the water, and only after that fully complete the process. Shortly (10 minutes) before the end of the cooking process, you need to add carrots and various roots to the pot of boiling meat. Next, the tongue should be dipped in cold water and remove the skin from it. After that, you can begin to cook the selected dish. In the second case, the water is taken not just hot, it should already boil. After 15 minutes, the product should be removed from the tank, cleaned and immersed in water again. The process then follows a similar pattern. The principal difference between these options is that in the first case, the product is completely cooked to the end, and in the second in the middle of the process, the skin is removed from it.This does not affect how much boil the pork tongue. Here it is different. The first method allows you to save more nutrients. But in the second, the product absorbs aromas from additional components better. Each hostess chooses the way that suits her more.

Calculate everything in advance

how long does boil the pork tongue

If you are going to cook any complex dish, you need to take care of the necessary components in advance so that they are always at hand at the right moment. And what can be cooked from the pork tongue? The choice is large enough. It can be sandwiches, salads, hot and cold appetizers, as well as soups. In most of the listed dishes, the language acts as the main ingredient and is used as a finished product. So, it must be prepared in advance. In order to calculate everything correctly, you need to know exactly how much time to cook the pig language. Based on the experience of professional culinary specialists, it can be concluded that, on average, its preparation time is about 2 hours. In this case, referring to the product from a young animal. It is small and weighs quite a bit. For example, the language of a pig is no more than 0.5 kg.If there is a large sample available, the time can be increased to 3 hours. Such a product is better to soak for 2 hours in cold water. This will increase the preparatory period, but will not affect in any way how much time to boil the pork tongue.


how much to boil pork tongue

Not always the hostess enough time for all sorts of delights and pickles. Sometimes it is necessary to be limited to the simplest dishes. For example, just boil fresh or frozen product. After all, the language itself is very gentle and soft, so there is no need without needing to expose it to additional culinary processing. In this case, it is really important to know how much boil the pork tongue needs. In principle, one and a half to two hours is the minimum time span. You can throw another 20 minutes. They will go to the cleaning of the semi-finished product from the skin and additional boiling. It is worth paying attention, after the product was left without a surface layer, microbes could penetrate inside with raw water. They must be removed. To do this, the tongue should be dipped again in boiling broth and kept there for about 10 minutes. This time will be quite enough for final processing.Now you can simply cut the finished meat and serve it, decorating it with vegetables and greens.

What is the best way to cook?

Most meat products at home can be cooked in two ways: on the stove or in a slow cooker. There are other options, but these two should pay special attention. If we talk about language, then its preparation in these two cases differs significantly from each other in two respects:

  • how much should boil the pork tongue

    preliminary preparation of the product;
  • duration of temperature treatment.

If the product is cooked on the stove, then the whole treatment is to wash it thoroughly, and then remove the hard tendons, excess fatty growths and unnecessary streaks. For the multicooker, there is a recipe by which the product becomes even softer and more tender. To do this, you just need to rub it with salt, garlic, spices and put in the fridge for a day. Then you can cook as usual. The result will speak for itself. But the most important thing is boiling. There is a significant difference here between how much pork should be cooked in a slow cooker and in a regular saucepan. As practice shows, the difference is about an hour.After 60 minutes, you can already remove the finished product from the multicooker and serve it to the table.

Full readiness control

how much to cook pork tongue until ready

At the final stage of preparation of any product, it is always necessary to make sure that the process is fully completed. This can be done organoleptic method or with the help of any devices. If, for example, for the festive table it is planned to fill in the tongue of the pig, then in addition to the additional ingredients, it is necessary to clearly understand the technology of its preparation. More precisely, you need to know how much boil the pork tongue to readiness and how it can be checked. As is known, the duration of the process is primarily affected by the mass of the original product. So, pork tongue usually boils for one and a half to two hours. It is better to salt it at the final stage in order to preserve nutritional properties as much as possible. And every hostess usually checks the readiness with the help of a fork. If, with gentle pressure, it passes freely through the fibers, then the product is ready. If there is some resistance, then you should boil the tongue for a few more minutes. After some time, the test can be repeated again.

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