How do I set the clock?

With the advent of mobile phones, somehow soit happened that many forgot about the wristwatch. An inalienable and fashionable accessory was the "mobile phone", which was worn on a chain or on a beautiful rope. But, due to rapidly developing technological progress, mobile phones became a necessity and many people remembered about their favorite watches. This accessory has always been and will remain in fashion. But sometimes you have to adjust any, including wristwatch. Consider how to set up a wristwatch.

Setting the mechanical clock

The mechanism of such watches has not changed and to this day, a time wheel is used to translate time.

  • It is necessary to pull the wheel on yourself until you hear a slight click. This should be done carefully, without much effort.
  • Rotate the wheel clockwise until the correct time is set.
  • Click on the wheel so that it easily enters the groove. This should also be done carefully, so that the hands of the clock do not move.
  • In order to start the mechanism of the clock,Quickly and gently twist the wheel in both directions, the wheel is located in the groove. Too hard to twist the wheel does not follow, otherwise you can stretch the spring. It is enough to make up to eight incomplete sales.

Now you know how to adjust the time on the mechanical clock.

Setting up an electronic clock

Stylish fashionable electronic watches have manyadditional functions and they are not so easy to configure. Therefore, if an instruction is not attached to them, then the task may not be feasible. Consider how to set the clock electronic.

  • Simple electronic watches have two buttons. One of them performs the function of displaying the menu on the clock screen, the other - to change the time value. First you need to press the button and the flashing digits that indicate the clock will appear on the screen. Use the second button to select the numbers we need. Then press the first button, the flashing figures - minutes will appear. Change the desired value and again press the first button. The time is set.
  • Electronic clock with a lot of buttons,can have buttons that help to display the number, month and year, as well as the inclusion of a stopwatch. The date is set up similarly to the time, and the stopwatch usually does not need adjustments.
  • There are electronic watches that have a wholea number of additional functions. In order to determine them, you must first figure out how to set the date on the clock and time and then deal with the rest of the functions. The clock can have an alarm clock, a thermometer, a calendar. One of the buttons will be responsible for a specific function.

Setting the quartz clock

Consider how to set the clock to quartz. When setting the time and date in the quartz watch, you must follow these rules:

  • The front head must be pulled.
  • The second hand should be set to 12.
  • Rotating the front head, you need to set the minute hand.
  • Next, move the crown to its initial position and turn it to the right until it stops.

Wrist watch TRACKER

This watch is made in China, which surprisedspecialists in the quality of packaging, due to the fact that it turned out to be very high for a small price of the clock itself. Included in the kit are a cord for charging, a disk with instructions and programs, batteries and USB charging. In order to learn how to set up a Chinese watch, it is necessary to read the instruction, otherwise it will be difficult to understand yourself. In general, the clock creates a very pleasant impression. They look great on the hand of an adult and a teenager. With the help of SMS commands, the programming and tuning of the TRACKER is carried out.

Now you know how to set up a variety of clockwork mechanisms. This will allow you to easily understand them and always know the exact time. We wish you good luck.

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