How do girls leave?

All people are different. Everyone is trying to live and build relationships with loved ones as he sees fit. It happens that the girl seems that the relationship has become obsolete and it's time to leave. How to understand that clouds are gathering over you? Of course, driving all the fair sex in one scheme that will help understand why and how the girls leave is impossible. But there are some particularly obvious signs of the coming parting that you can notice.

What precedes separation?

In order not to be in a situation where youput before the fact of a one-sided rupture of relations, be attentive to the girl (but not too intrusive!), notice how she reacts to your calls and sms, offers to meet and plans for joint pastime. Maybe you started annoying her, and you will notice it by her grimace or by the fact that she suddenly becomes unattainable. It can be quite harmless excuses, for example, a grandmother was ill, a lot of work or study, one must help a friend, etc., but if such small problems become more and more, then this is an alarming signal.

If the subscriber is often not on the network, but duringconversations respond inappropriately, is silent, does not show interest in your problems, it is an alarming signal, although, perhaps, it is inconvenient for a girl to talk or she is busy with a really important matter. But if to the telephone oddities are added permanent refusals of meetings, if during a rare joint walk your beloved tries to keep away from you at a distance and leave quickly, most likely your relationship is nearing the end.

Often guys think that they lose love, becausethat the girl has gone to another, but sometimes their own inattention or, conversely, the desire to know literally everything about every step of their chosen one forces her to go nowhere, just to stay away from such a guy. Remember this.

Different girls go differently

  • Some behave correctly and with restraint. They try to explain that they are not happy with the relationship, trying not to cause the guy extra pain. If you do not want to leave your beloved girl, which is of this type, you can try to return it. For this you have to fulfill all of its requirements. By the way, most often they are quite reasonable: more to be together, not to criticize friends and her mother, do not break off from a date on the first call of friends, do not be jealous of her to every post and do not forget about the anniversary of your first meeting.
  • Other girls go off spectacularly. True, the effects of all are different: someone will arrange a farewell intimate dinner by candlelight, someone scandal with the beat of dishes, someone can combine both options.
  • If the girl leaves the guy so that about thiswilly-nilly recognizes half the city, it means that she is more important herself and the image of the fatal beauty-seducer. No matter how beautiful the relationship, in this case, they should not continue - such a story does not end well. A girl who imagines herself a Hollywood star is unlikely to become a serious support in the life of a guy and will help him realize dreams of a joint life. Moreover, such PR-queries are very high and appetites are growing rapidly, but they do not possess the ability to give their sincere love. So is it worth it to waste your time and energy on a soulless doll?

Of course, there are other situations in life,therefore, if the girl left, what to do, every guy should decide for himself. For a good girl, someone tries to take away, you need to fight. Only to remind then about the wrong step, from which you kept it, is not worth it. Be wise, strong and noble.

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