How are plasterboard walls

Gypsum plating: modern and simple

In modern construction drywall is not the last place. As a cladding material it is used on almost all construction sites, and the walls sheathed by them have become a real field of activity for both designers and performers. It should be borne in mind that the plasterboard wall plastering is in most cases very economical, and the time spent on this is so short that no other facing process can be performed faster. It is also worth noting that this type of finishing work does not require further processing for leveling the planes, and the preparatory stage of finishing preparation is minimized.plasterboard plasterboard

Profile mounting for drywall

First of all, it is necessary to mount the profile. Its design should completely repeat the dimensions of the future wall and securely fasten.To do this, the walls, the ceiling and the adjacent walls on both sides must be fixed with the help of impact dowels. In this case, it is necessary to use measuring instruments so that the material is fully consistent with the parameters of the future wall. Further plastering of walls with plasterboard requires attachment to the surface to be coated. To do this, use profiles of another sample, which are screwed to the rails and directly to the wall itself using a special fastening. These profiles are interconnected by the same structures.fixing drywall to the wall

Installation Features

It is very important to observe the distance between the vertical profiles (if the sheets will also be arranged vertically). The fact is that the fastening of the drywall to the wall will be done using self-tapping screws directly to the metal structure. Therefore, profiles should be located at a distance equal to half the width of the sheet. Usually it is taken at the rate of 60 cm from the middle of one guide to the other.

Sheet installationinstallation of drywall profile

After the whole structure is assembled, drywall is being fastened onto it.It connects the joint to the joint and clamped with screws, which are slightly embedded in the sheet. Sheathing plasterboard walls and involves stitching seams. This is done using conventional putty and special reinforcing mesh. In this case, the seam is sealed in such a way that it is completely sealed with the sheet itself. The result should be a flat wall without irregularities in the joints.


The plasterboard plasterboard can solve several construction problems at once. Thanks to it, it is possible in a short time and without large material costs to level a wall of any degree of curvature and damage. In fact, thanks to this material, you can create a completely new design, and in its cavity to put all the necessary wiring or other systems. It is also worth noting that the speed of such installation is very high, which is very important with a large amount of construction or finishing works. However, if the walls will be exposed to significant physical impact, then this stitch may be impractical.

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