Hot meals and snacks for Birthday

What dishes to cook for a birthday?Everyone asks himself this question when he starts planning a holiday table. The fact is that they should not be everyday and familiar, I want to surprise with something new and original. But, at the same time, birthday is a holiday, so "hang" in the kitchen for a few days there is no desire. You can offer a set of versatile and unusual dishes that can decorate any table.

First, let's see what snacks for the daybirthday with a salad are prepared very quickly. For example, a plate with chips "Sunflower". In order to do it, you will need two packages of chips "Estrella". For the filling, finely chop several types of cheese (hard and creamy) - 300 grams, mixed with crushed 3 cloves of garlic and mayonnaise. Next, we put the half into the salad bowl, and the rest we stuff the chips and lay them out in a circle, like the petals of a sunflower. Seeds on the surface can be made from chopped olives.

Vegetable snacks for the birthday are bestcook using tomatoes and bell peppers. It is recommended to offer "Assorted". The filling is made from crushed cottage cheese (0.5 kg), sour cream (100 g), mayonnaise (100 g), a bundle of chopped dill and 10 crushed garlic cloves. Then mix the resulting mass thoroughly and proceed with the design of the dish. With tomatoes cut off the top, put the inside of the filling and arrange them in a circle on a large dish. Next, fill the Bulgarian peppers, very tightly tamper them and cut them neatly with a sharp knife mugs, trying to keep the contents from falling out. Place nicely in the center. Decorate with twigs of greens and olives.

Fish snacks for the birthday will be an excellent addition to the festive table. You can make a plate with tartlets.

The first variant of the filling is red and black caviar.

The second option is to mix the boiled shrimps with yoghurt and pieces of avocado.

The third version of the filling - four boiled egg whites cut into strips, mix with 50 grams of red caviar, whole shrimps and 150 grams of yogurt.

Snacks for the birthday can be made in the form of a "meat plate", consisting of pieces of smoked sausage, ham, rolls and carb.

Also, the "filling eggs" will be delicious.To do this, in each shell make a small hole from the acute side and drain the eggs. Next, prepare the jellied tongue, chopping the meat and bell pepper in a very small dice and adding chopped greens. Fill this mixture with "molds", put them for two days in the refrigerator. Before serving, simply clean the jellied shell.

A hot dish is something that you can prepare for a birthday right along with the garnish.

Tasty pots with pork and vegetables will be delicious.For 4 portions: half a kilo of meat cut into medium pieces, fry it along with chopped 2 onions, put them on the bottom of the molds. Next, peel the potatoes, divide into four parts and cover the tubers with pork. String the beans with boiling water and place them as the top layer. Make a fill from a rich salted broth, chopped dill and spices to your liking. Pour into each pot one third and close the lid. Cook the dish for fifty minutes.

You can cook salmon with rice if a smallfish (1.5 kg) marinate overnight in a mixture of salt, lemon juice and pepper. Before the arrival of the guests, boil rice, add to it savory biscuits, fried onions and butter. Fill the belly of the salmon, put it on greased foil, apply a mesh of mayonnaise and wrap it in a bag. Cook the dish for an hour in a preheated oven.

At the festive table, it is necessary to supply non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, fruit and dessert.

You can meet guests.

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Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday Hot meals and snacks for Birthday