What prepared for the Aquarius horoscope for the signs of the zodiac for 2017? What will be the horoscope will be favorable to you? Will the year be successful? In this horoscope we will talk about your potential for the coming year. The way you live and what kind of experience you have determines the life cycles, the secrets of which astrology deals with.

What will mark the year of the Rooster 2017 - the horoscope will help Aquarius to prepare for the turns of fate, to spend this time with maximum benefit and avoid problems. If you have already bought all the gifts for the New Year, you can relax a bit and read the horoscope for 2017.

This year, Aquarius will feel true recognition in their careers and get the opportunity to travel. You have everything you need to express your desires, and an increased sense of self-love will result in a love for you from the surrounding people.

Horoscope for 2017 on the signs of the zodiac: Aquarius

From May 2017 the emphasis is shifted to the ability to enjoy and enjoy life, as well as building warm relationships with people. It's time to suppress the excessively striking features of Aquarius: too strong independence, too much importance to your personal freedom, without giving the freedom of others the same label,rebellious and slightly weird nature. This year it is important to go forward with your heart, rely on yourself, not on friends, and learn to be a leader, not a follower. "Bunt not in vain" - so would be called the film of your life. You are a special person. You try to direct your imagination and consciousness to improve the life of all mankind.
According to friends, you are witty, idealistic and humane, but also slightly alienated and unpredictable. In fact, you are just melancholic and more thoughtful than many around, nature, Aquarius. While the others will try to cram their drawing between the lines, you will step aside, take pencils and creatively approach the same task. Being a man of extraordinary and progressive, you are constantly drawn to those things that are new and different from the usual. Your broad outlook and gentle nature make you a very prudent person - what you need on the New Year's eve.
Jupiter will be in the travel sector until October, so all your thoughts are just busy with different tours and voyages. You want to see the world and learn more about it.Travel will leave an indelible mark on you, because this year you will allow yourself to be open to the influence of strangers. The stars say that you will have a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Do not overdo it, watch your health, learn the depths of your “I” and be ready for changes in the family. When Jupiter enters the Career sector on October 10, there will be many pleasant take-offs in your professional life. Do not miss your opportunities, Aquarius.

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As the horoscope says, January 28 is essentially the New Year for you, because you have a new one12 monthcycle. New Moon marks its beginning, regardless of the date of your birth, and brings with itself the Fire Rooster. Use this transitional time to understand what you really want in the new 2017. Surely, these thoughts have long been born in your soul, and even more - sometimes it is difficult for a person to understand that he already has everything he needs to achieve what he aspires to.

Different peripetias could haunt you, and it’s hard for you to believe that you already have everything, but you don’t need to take everything literally.The right things are the skills, talents, experience, and most importantly, the intuition that will help create the life you dream about. Aquarius, horoscope advises you: open in yourself a musical talent and master the game onanytool if you want it. Any creative expression of yourself will suit you - dancing, singing, drawing.
According to the horoscope, since November 28, 2008 Pluto makes its transition to the sign of Capricorn, being in the 12th house of your sign. Be careful - do not trust the enemies. On the other hand, you have already learned to defend against those who can harm you or your reputation. You have long mastered the skill of being strong in the face of the enemy, and since you have tried to remain a just, law-abiding and honest person, the angels truly stand guard over your peace, guarding against the forces of darkness and evil.

As the horoscope says, you become a powerful force to be reckoned with, and there are people who envy you, your position and your achievements. You are no longer naive, so you learned to protect yourself from those who would like and could use you, talk about you behind your back, and those who could take advantage of you and your talents or skills.

because ofall the problems and obstacles that you had to overcome, minor and major problems, regressions or sad events that you experienced, you have gained powerful confidence in your own abilities. By 2023, when Pluto enters your sign again, you will have strong inner strength and stand firmly on your feet to be ready for a completely new life, which is now even difficult to imagine. As the horoscope says, at the moment, you may experience some isolation or a feeling of loneliness as you take these hard steps towards a better future.

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Love horoscope for 2017: Aquarius

In 2017, the planets will not make any dramatic transitions concerning your sector of Love and Friendship. Uranus remains in the 3rd house, and those Aquarians born in February will feel its influence more than others, expressed in the desire for greater freedom of expression. Those partners who do not support or do not understand this feeling within you can try yousomehowrestrict and resist this process.You will be ready to defend your freedom, so be prepared for conflicts. Singles will be comfortable in experiencing their changes, since no one influences their opinion.
Horoscope prophesies: Aquarians, expect unexpected with regard to brothers or sisters. They can present an unexpected gift, call or visit. The same driving force - Uranus - can also present other surprises, including a car, a boat, a musical instrument or a household appliance. Any gift or purchase during this period will bring you great pleasure. According to the horoscope, new neighbors will also bring unusual, strange events into your life.
In 2017, in the sector of Friendship will be Saturn. The horoscope says that it will probably seem to you that all your friends have plunged into love or a serious relationship. And even if you have a loved one, you will still feel abandoned. Drop these dubious feelings, because you can gather the whole gang together and be its leader. Just choose suitable dates for all meetings, share your dreams and hopes, open your heart to your friends, and come one step closer to their realization.

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Financial horoscope for 2017: Aquarius

The financial horoscope says that Neptune is in the 2nd house (the Money house), and you really do not know how rich or poor you are. You are too busy to inquire about your profit or deposit increase. Some Aquarius face unforeseen expenses, so their money will simply evaporate like sand through their fingers.
Horoscope advises: think about how you can creatively approach to making money. Expect purchases and expenses for equipment: computer, telephoneetc.Do not be afraid to try to apply your talents in order to get an extra penny. In general, the horoscope for Aquarius predicts a rather positive year. Remember, Jupiter enters 10th house in October, so be prepared to work to finally make a breakthrough in your career and you will receive all the deserved rewards.

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