Homemade trailer for a car: manufacturing, registration

If you have a car, then youprobably quite often encounter the need to transport all kinds of goods. In this case, you can not do without the use of a light trailer. It, of course, can be purchased at a store of the corresponding goods, but this design has the ability to manufacture independently.

Work on the frame

A self-made trailer, like a factory-type model,It should have a frame, which is the basis of the design. Its rigidity and strength will determine the longevity of the trailer. In order to ensure greater reliability, it is recommended to use elements that will be interconnected by welding. To begin work it is necessary with definition of dimensions of a described element, to be exact, width and length. Size will be determined by the outer edges of the constituent framework. In order to determine the final width of the frame, the thickness of one wall multiplied by 2 should be added to the distance between the inner sides of the side walls. If the frame is placed between the wheels, rather than above them, the gap between the bolt and the tire should be taken into account.

self-made trailer

If you decide to make a self-made trailer, thenAfter determining the dimensions, it is necessary to sample the frame. To do this, the metal profile must be spread out on the surface, observing the perpendicularity between the components. The elements must be joined together by clamps. In parallel, you should check the form, for this, using the tape measure the diagonal of the received rectangle is measured. Values ​​should be equal to each other, deviations can be from 2 to 5%. The design must have an edge of rigidity, because the square and the rectangle are unstable structures.

Connection of the trailer with the vehicle

self-made trailers for a car

A homemade trailer must have a chain ball. To perform this element, remember that the shorter length of the connecting part indicates a quick response when driving the car. Even a slight lateral turn of the driving wheels will cause the trailer to drift sharply. This can cause damage to the load and its fall. Making a self-made trailer, you need to choose the optimal length - in the range from 1.5 to 2.5 cm. When choosing a material, it is recommended to use steel pipes of square section, which will form the basis of the frame and connection. For the last element you need pipes in the amount of 3 pieces. Connect the frame to the pipe by the welding method, and for higher strength it is recommended to make reinforcement by means of corners. Before welding, the wizard must try on the elements so that the hitch is made along the axis of the structure. When homemade trailers are made for a car, at the same stage, a safety rope must be installed, which can be replaced with a chain. If there is a desire, then in the coupling area it is possible to install a folding wheel for the comfortable transportation of a trailer without a vehicle.

Installing the coupler

how to register a self-made trailer

Homemade trailers for a carmust have a coupling, the installation of which can be carried out by welding or bolts. Before the final fixation of this component to the frame, it is necessary to check the coincidence of the dimensions of the frame tubes with the slots of the trough. The latter should not be larger than the width of the pipe, the oversize may be a maximum of 5 millimeters. A welded joint can provide excellent strength, but if damaged, the dismantling will involve the use of a gas burner. The strength of the connection with a bolt is smaller. Bolts should be used, which relate to the eighth class of strength. Less strong will not be able to withstand the force at the cut. For the connection, you need to prepare two bolts, use a larger amount is not worth it, since this will help to loosen the frame element, as well as the coupling due to the holes for fastening.

Work on the axis

self-made trailer for motoblock

Before registering a homemadetrailer, it must be fully prepared for operation. There is a rule that the trailer axle is located at a distance of 40% of the length of the structure from the rear. After you can measure the distance, you must indicate the location of the axis. You can install it by placing the frame on the surface. Use this when you need two 4x4 blocks, while the spindle should hang freely. In the intended place of mounting the axis from the surface of the frame, paint must be removed. The step between the bushings should be divided into two, the resulting mark is marked on the surface.

Homemade trailer for motoblock can bemade by the same technology, but the dimensions will be much smaller. In order to check the dimensions, you need to again measure the width of the frame. After that, the wizard can proceed with the final installation. Elements are joined together by welding. It is recommended to use a spring-cushion suspension for the reason that it guarantees more impressive softness, although it differs insignificant strength.

Work on stabilizing jacks

self-made trailer

When a self-made trailer is made byhands, it is important to ensure the horizontal position of the structure. The corners of the frame are the most suitable variant. It is possible to install only on one side of the structure. If you consider the device in terms of lift, it is recommended to use a screw mechanism. It can also be used to replace the wheel.


homemade boat trailer

Homemade trailer for motoblock, as forcar, will be able to expand your capabilities. The latter option can be used to transport cargo, no matter what configuration they have. At the same time, there is absolutely no risk of damaging the machine. Despite the fact that the trailer can have its own specific features, the recommendations given above are common to all options. If there is a desire, a self-made trailer for a boat or for a car can be equipped with a braking system, as well as lighting. However, specialists recommend recommending these issues to professionals.

Trailer registration

how to make a trailer

If you are thinking about how to make a trailer, thenyou should be interested in the task of registering it. The design must undergo an examination, what the All-Russian Society of Motorists does, VOA abbreviated. Each region has its own society. In order to pass the examination it is necessary to make sure that the device corresponds to the existing GOST. You can familiarize yourself with state standards in GOST 37.001. 220-80. Before registering a self-made trailer, you should be aware that the above standard applies to all types of trailers that are intended for towing by minibuses, as well as by cars on the roads of the general network. The standard does not apply to devices designed before the approval of the technical specifications of the standard.


Before you start making a trailer, youshould familiarize themselves with the state standards, so that later they do not have to do the alteration of the structure. The weight of the device should not be more than authorized by the manufacturer. The weight must not exceed the curb weight of the car. This figure is 1800 kilograms. The length of the device should not be more than 1.5 times the length of the car or a limit of 8 meters. These requirements must be taken into account at the design stage of the trailer, otherwise the use of the construction will be impossible.

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