Homemade cherry wine - simple and easy!

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Homemade alcohol has many advantages: the use of natural raw materials, the absence of chemical additives, cleanliness at all stages of preparation. And the taste and aroma of homemade wine is no worse than its industrial counterpart.cherry wineCherry wine is the most popular grape wine. Cooked at home, it turns out moderately sweet, with a sour, deep ruby ​​color. Traditionally, cherry wine is prepared by fermenting pure juice, but this is not the only way.

Cherry Wine Bottle

Unwashed berries (3 kg) poured into a bottle of dark glass, pour sugar syrup (3 kg and 3 liters of water). Throat bottles to tie with gauze, folded in 6-8 layers. To sustain about 45-50 days. Thoroughly strain, bottle.

How to make a wine from cherry with the flavor of nutmeg

Peel cherries (5 kg) from stalks, seeds and leaves. Wash, allow to dry. Mash the berry mass, put in a wooden container.1/5 of the seed broken with a hammer, combine with sugar (500 g), add to the berry mixture. Bring volume to 6 liters. To cover with a lid. Winemakers are advised to dig in wooden containers in the sand in the shade of a tree. The whole fermentation process will take about 50 days. Upon completion of such - leave in a cool place for another couple of months. Drain, filtering. You can store this wine in the cellar for 2-6 months.

How to cook a wine from cherries boiling water

Cherry (3 kg) sort, clean from debris and feet, rinse. Pour three liters of boiling water and let stand for 3.5 days under pressure. Strain through the fabric, addmake cherry winesugar (1.75 kg), granulated yeast (1 tbsp. l.), lemon juice (100 ml) and put in a dark warm place for fermentation, for 2-3 weeks. Knead well, let stand for half a year. At the end of this time, bottle and cork.

Cherry table wine

A bucket of ripe sweet cherry varieties to wash, let the water drain completely, along with the bones to kill. Squeeze the juice, squeeze the cake in a colander so that it stacks completely. Get about 10 liters. Add sugar (1.75-2 kg), water (about two liters), citric acid (10 g), and put in a warm place to start the fermentation process.After a month and a half, carefully pour it into a clean bottle using a tube and let it rest for another couple of months. After bottling, corking, store in the cellar (better - in a horizontal position).

Cherry wine on the table

A reasonable measure is needed in everything - this rule applies to the consumption of wine, evenhow to make wine from cherryhomemade. A cherry drink can be a real elixir of health if it is used reasonably: in small doses. It normalizes pressure, increases hematopoiesis, relieves tension, relieves sleep disturbances. Like all red wines, cherry stimulates the cardiovascular system, for which it gained its popularity in many countries around the world. For example, the French have been serving a glass of red wine for dinner for more than one century, while the percentage of cardiac diseases in this country is record low.

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